MSI Creator Z17 Laptop: An M1 Max Macbook Pro Rival?

When Apple released the M1 Max version of the MacBook Pro, many creators took notice. Nobody really doubts the power of Apple’s new creative workstations, but the Windows side of the aisle still offers excellent choices. According to Digital Trends, the MSI Creator Z17 should have a spot on any list of options for creatives, like graphic designers, game developers, and draftspeople.

What to Know About the MSI Creator Z17 Laptop

Over the years, MSI earned its reputation for producing gaming laptops, but now it’s also focused on creative workstations. The Creator Z17 laptop won’t satisfy people with limited budgets, though. The base model costs $2,349.99. Additional options can drive the price up to $3,799.99.
Still, PC Magazine called this machine a top choice for people who can afford its premium price. Some highlights of the Z17 include a 4K Mini LED display and a generous 17.3-inch screen. The $3,800 flagship model offers an Intel eight-core processor, 32GB of Ram, Nvidia graphics, and a 2TB solid-state drive.
Surprisingly, the base models offer faster refresh rates, which might appeal to gamers, game developers, and testers. Besides the top-end options, MSI offers various Core i9 and i7 processors and Nvidia RTX 3080, 3070, and 3060 graphics processors. These options let buyers optimize the design to fit their requirements, preferences, and budgets.
MSI Z17 testers found the model ran relatively quiet and cool. It’s also reasonably light for a creative workstation, weighing a little over five pounds. The laptop has a slim profile, and while it’s not futuristic like some of MSI’s gaming laptops, it presents a sophisticated, conservative, and modern appearance. The device’s aluminum case gives it a sturdy feel, and the Z17 passed tests for durability against vibration and shock.

Drawbacks to the MSI Creator Z17 Laptop

Even though MSI put a lot of thought into this creative workstation, it’s expensive. Thus, prudent shoppers will also want to consider some potential drawbacks such as:
  • The keyboard lacks snap, and the design only left room for a narrow number pad.
  • Also, users can’t expect the battery to last an entire day, so it’s not as portable as it could be.
  • Testers coaxed a little over four hours out of the battery, which should last through a commute. Remember to charge the battery before leaving home and carry the charger along.

Extended Warranties for the MSI Creator Z17

Anybody who plans to invest a few thousand dollars in a premium creative workstation will expect the device to perform well for a long time. Even without a significant accident, heavy use can inflict premature wear, and sometimes, bad luck will uncover defects. MSI makes durable laptops, but they may not survive a drop to the concrete floor or spilled coffee.
Meanwhile, manufacturer’s warranties only last a short time and focus on covering defects. Upsie’s affordable laptop extended warranties will ensure that Z17 laptop owners get their money’s worth. Premium service starts with 24-7 access to claims representatives by phone. These representatives will help customers file claims and access local or mail-in services. New customers can get a protection plan up to 60 days after purchasing the new laptop.
Upsie also spares budgets, with prices up to 70 percent less than competitors. With Upsie’s low prices and protection against unexpected repairs, creatives will have more money to invest in the right tools, like a premium creative computer. Upsie also offers protection plans for MacBooks and other quality brands, plus many kinds of electronic devices.

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