When to Upgrade Your Gaming Laptop for a New Model

High-quality gaming laptops run from several hundred to a few thousand dollars. Still, portable gaming machines have enjoyed increased quality and popularity recently. These improvements make them tempting buys, especially during holiday sales. Many gamers wonder if it’s time to trade in their old system and how long they should expect a gaming laptop to last.

How Long Do Gaming Laptops Generally Last?

The lifespan of a gaming laptop will depend on its specifications, how it’s used, and luck. For instance:
  • Some durable machines with careful owners can still function when they’re a decade old. Of course, these outdated laptops probably won’t have the graphics or processing capabilities to perform well with the latest games.
  • Owners of premium machines should expect their devices to stay abreast of technology for about five years.
According to Gaming Scan, the reality of gaming computer lifespans looks a bit grimmer. Typically, purchasers upgrade their laptops after only two years.
TechRepublic mentioned that the gaming PC market grew by over 16 percent during 2020 and should continue to grow by 24 percent by 2024. A typical gamer’s willingness to take advantage of the latest technology to improve their experience explains why gamers may trade in their machines every couple of years.
A few years ago, laptop gaming performed much worse than desktop computers or gaming consoles. Today, top manufacturers of gaming laptops are rapidly working to close the gap between desktops and laptops.

Are Extended Warranties for Gaming Computers Worth It?

An extended warranty for a gaming computer can offer value in several ways. For instance, rapid advancement in gaming PCs has sparked a lively resale market, so people who invest in these PCs want to keep them performing well to enjoy them and maintain their resale value.
Of course, an extended warranty primarily benefits purchasers by ensuring prompt, high-quality repairs from a convenient source. As with gaming laptops, not all warranties perform as well as others. Manufacturers and retailers offer protection plans as an additional source of revenue, just like the electronics that they sell. The warranty companies must pay commissions to encourage sellers to market their plans with each laptop sale.
On the positive side, nothing forces consumers to purchase an extended warranty from where they bought the product. Upsie offers an innovative business model that provides customers with lower prices and better warranty coverage.

Why Upsie Offers the Best Gaming Laptop Warranty

Don’t worry about making a hasty warranty decision during the time of your important gaming laptop purchase. Customers can take up to 60 days to get a gaming laptop extended warranty from Upsie.
Those 60 days will give consumers time to learn:
  • Upsie charges less for their PC protection plans, including a lower deductible.
  • Their representatives will assist customers 24-7 with claims.
  • Upsie pays for two-day, two-way shipping for mail-in service. You also have the option to use a certified local shop.
Best of all, Upsie’s robust coverage will start immediately. Upsie offers two- and three-year protection plans that cover drops, liquid damage, wear, and any defects the original seller’s warranty won’t cover. Upsie lets customers transfer plan ownership, and the company even offers plans for pre owned gaming computers.
In addition to gaming laptops, Upsie covers various PCs, electronics, appliances, and other household goods. Deciding when to upgrade a gaming PC may depend upon budgets, the age and condition of the current machine, and gaming preferences. Upsie makes buying an extended warranty affordable and straightforward.

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