Is the New M1 MacBook Air Laptop Worth All the Hype?

No doubt, Apple’s introduction of the new M1 MacBook Air has generated plenty of hype. People refer to the new MacBook Air as M1 because Apple transitioned from Intel chips to their own M1 chips. Of course, many MacBook owners don’t care that much about the brand of the chip buried inside their machine; they want to know if the new M1 MacBook Air offers them more value for their money.

How Well Does the M1 MacBook Air Live Up to the Hype?

With the chip change, Apple promised the objective benefits of faster performance and more time between battery charges. According to CNN, Apple did deliver with better speed and more freedom from charging cords.
In addition, consider these other benefits of the new M1 MacBook Air:
  • The fan-free cooling system also keeps the new MacBook incredibly quiet.
  • Some people may also find the ability to run certain iPhone or iPad apps valuable. However, not all apps can run, and the lack of a touchscreen changes the experience.
  • The new chip also provides better graphics processing, though most M1 testers still would not consider the MacBook Air a gaming computer.
CNET mentioned that they did not notice much of a physical difference between the M1 Air and recent Intel versions of the same model. In other words, they both look and feel very similar. That’s supposed to change when Apple introduces their 2021 version of the M1 MacBook later in the year. Anybody who’s on the fence might want to wait a few more months for the newer model.
At the same time, MacBook Air users should notice differences when they use the M1. This stems mostly from the introduction of the MacOS Big Sur operating system. The upgrade to the operating system introduces users to new controls, visuals, and ways to interface with their computer.

Is it Time to Invest in a New M1 MacBook Air?

Even though most people felt satisfied with the current update from an Intel to an M1 chip, they still expressed disappointment about changes that Apple failed to make. For instance, the computer still only comes with two ports, lacks a touchscreen, and does not offer 5G connectivity.
For a computer that starts at $999, those negatives may prompt some people to wait until the next update or choose a different model. In many ways, Apple lived up to the M1 hype; however, they could have pleased more customers by delivering a little more.

How to Save Money on an Apple M1 MacBook Air Laptop

Some budget-minded MacBook Air fans may want to consider a few tactics to save money on the M1:
  • Apple offers student discounts.
  • Large retailers often run promotions.
  • Apple has a selection of refurbished computers that usually cost about $200 less than new machines.
  • Apple also has a trade-in program for current owners who want an upgrade.
In particular, M1 MacBook owners can save money on their extended warranties without sacrificing service or protection. For new and qualified used computers purchased within the past 60 days, Upsie offers a comprehensive, low-priced MacBook protection plan that’s more affordable than AppleCare+.
With a choice of two- and three-year plans, Upsie members can get certified service from local repair shops, including the Genius Bar. Upsie also offers the option of pre-paid, mail-in repairs. Even better, Upsie covers defects, accidental damage, screen malfunctions or cracks, and much more. Plus, Upsie customers never pay more than a $25 deductible, which is lower than any top competitor’s warranty plans.
It’s up to consumers to decide if the M1 MacBook Air lives up to its hype; however, an Upsie M1 MacBook warranty should satisfy everybody.

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