What is the Best Extended Warranty for a Student Laptop?

Microsoft makes both computers and the software and operating systems that the hardware needs to work. Students have relied upon PCs for homework and lessons for several years now. More recently, virtual classes have made owning the right student computer even more essential.

What Features Do the Best Student Computers Need?

Based on the company’s experience, the Microsoft blog covered essential features of student computers. These include:
  • Adaptability and form: In particular, Microsoft suggested 2-in-1 computers that include touchscreens and the ability to function as tablets and laptops. Microsoft also suggested investing in larger screens over smaller ones to ease eye strain and make it easier to pick up on details.
  • Power and battery life: Good student PCs need sufficient power to run various software. Schools usually provide guidance to ensure students purchase a PC that meets minimum specs. In addition, solid battery life will keep the computers running well during class and other times when students work without a nearby wall outlet.
  • Durability: Students carry computers to class, the library, and back to their rooms again. A solid build and a protective case can keep these devices from succumbing to an occasional bump or jostle.
Sadly, even the most durable PCs may not hold up under all conditions. Accidents happen, like getting dropped on the floor or being exposed to a sudden rainstorm. Typically, the manufacturer’s warranty will only help defray repair costs if the computer stops functioning due to a manufacturing defect.

Does a Student Laptop Need an Extended Warranty?

On a positive note, today’s quality control standards from top manufacturers mean that most student computers will rarely succumb to a disabling defect. Instead, many more PCs will need repairs or replacements because of accidents, like water exposure, drops, or power surges.
According to HomeGuide, computer repair services bill an average rate of $65 per hour. This labor charge doesn’t include any additional charges for parts like screens, batteries, or internal fans. After budgeting for a high-quality student PC, most students and their families will feel a strain if they have to repair damaged devices out-of-pocket.
A warranty will extend both the length and terms of coverage. This will enable students and their families to seek repairs without worrying about high bills or struggling to find qualified repair services. A good extended warranty should also offer to replace the device if a repair doesn’t make sense.
With the risk of PC damage and repairs in mind, a student’s PC needs more than adaptability, power, and durability. The device also needs a high-quality protection plan.

Where to Buy the Best Extended Warranty for Your Student Laptop

Every retailer will try to upsell protection plans with a PC purchase. Customers have no obligation to buy these extended warranties. It’s good advice to shop around for the best protection, just like consumers should shop for the best student computer.
Compare Upsie’s student computer extended warranties against those from retailers. Upsie doesn’t push their plans at retailers, and this direct sales model lets them skip middleman commissions to offer customers lower prices and better service. In addition, Upsie customers enjoy 24-7 claims, the choice between local or pre-paid, mail-in repairs, and a low $25 deductible for laptop warranty plans.
Purchase warranties for student PCs online by choosing a two- or three-year term and uploading a digital copy of the sales receipt. Besides PCs, Upsie also offers affordable extended warranties for smartphones, tablets, and other electronics.

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