The Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts Everybody Should Know

After a decade of using Windows 10, many PC users faced the update to Windows 11 with some uncertainty. They may remember that the transition to Windows 10 did not proceed entirely smoothly for many users. Luckily, the Windows 11 update occurred so smoothly for most people that it barely felt like a long-awaited upgrade had just happened.
At first glance, most people can hardly feel a difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11, and that’s probably why Tom’s Guide called this new version of Windows more of a refinement than a revolution.
Indeed, Windows 11 does not feel like an entirely new operating system at first, but Microsoft did add plenty of new features. Windows users should take some time to explore them. To get started, learn several Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts that can help improve navigation and save time.

Essential New Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts

Many Windows users forget about the Windows key. They probably got used to using the Start button on the taskbar or finding the most commonly used apps pinned to their desktop or taskbar.
Windows 11 offers several new shortcuts that employ the Windows key, so this neglected part of the keyboard may get used more. For example, Windows key +:
  • A: This opens the Quick Settings menu for connectivity, brightness, and volume options.
  • N: This combination of keystrokes opens the calendar and notifications.
  • W: This opens up the new Widgets, which users can modify to their liking.
  • K: The cast window makes it easy to send output to another display.
  • C: This instantly opens the Microsoft Teams chat function.
  • CTRL-C: This combo of keystrokes turns on the color filter if already enabled.

Windows Virtual Desktop Virtual Shortcuts

Windows 10 introduced Virtual Desktops, but this feature enjoyed a revamp in Windows 11 that should make it more popular. PC Magazine singled out the improved Windows Virtual Desktop feature as one of the best parts of this operating system upgrade. Windows users can create various desktops to suit different needs. For instance, users might create several virtual desktops. For example, parents may make one for work, another for entertainment, and yet another desktop for their children to use.
The Windows key + Tab opens up Virtual Desktops and displays any desktops already created. Some handy keyboard shortcuts for Windows 11 Virtual Desktops include:
  • Add a new desktop: Windows key + Ctrl-D
  • Navigate through all desktops: Windows key + Ctrl-Right or Left Arrow
  • Rearrange desktop order: Windows key + Shift-Right or Left Arrow

Need a New Windows Computer for the New Operating System?

Even though the switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11 did not feel very dramatic, some PC users will find that reassuring. Nobody needs to learn a lot of new PC skills to use the new operating system. Also, most devices that could run Windows 10 should run Windows 11 as well.
Still, most computer users don’t keep their PCs for more than a few years. Either the machine succumbs to wear or damage or a new model offers features that will enhance productivity and the user’s experience.
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