5 Reasons to Buy a Breville Protection Plan

Breville has produced and marketed kitchen appliances for 90 years. Even though Breville has earned a storied reputation for high-quality kitchen appliances, the New York Post product reviewers favor some products more than others. For instance, the editors singled out the brand’s coffee machines, juicers, food processors, and countertop cooking appliances as some of their favorites.

Five Reasons to Buy a Protection Plan for Breville Appliances

Protection plans are essential for most small and large appliances. However, do quality kitchen appliances from established companies, like Breville, need a protection plan? Consider five reasons why a protection plan can benefit Breville’s customers.

#1: Investment Protection

With this company’s excellent reputation and relatively high prices, consumers might wonder if they need to invest in a protection plan. Still, few people want to spend over $500 on a fantastic food processor only to have a problem that the seller’s original warranty won’t cover. Investing in high-quality appliances offers an extra incentive to ensure they’re well protected.

#2: Access to Qualified Repair Technicians

Repairs from unqualified repair shops might cause more problems than they solve. Even worse, unskilled repair people might even make repairs that lead to safety issues. In contrast, good warranty companies want to protect their customers by ensuring trustworthy, trained technicians who safely diagnose problems and make repairs. For example, Upsie has it's own nation-wide network of vetted repair locations to ensure you get the best service and at a convenient location near you!

#3: Savings on Repair Bills

According to Fixr, consumers should expect typical repair bills for small appliances to average between $100 to $200. However, with a protection plan, the service company handles all these repair costs. Excellent protection plans let people invest their money in good-quality products without worrying about saving for expensive repairs in case something goes wrong.

#4: Savings on Appliances

These days, most consumers express concerns about their budgets, but just as much, they also want to do their part to avoid prematurely discarding products to preserve the environment and resources. In addition, an excellent protection plan makes repairs more accessible, providing an incentive to fix things instead of replacing them.

#5: Reducing Hassles

Breville offers a standard limited warranty with each purchase, but this protection often lasts only one year for many products. Also, the Breville limited warranty only covers damage caused by factory defects, not common problems like electrical shorts, power surges, or unexpected wear. Customers need to contact the company, wait for a shipping label, and then ship the product back to the company to get the warranty honored. In contrast, protection plan providers often ensure that repairs are hassle-free in addition to covering all of these non-defect problems.

Why Upsie Offers the Best Breville Protection Plan

Upsie’s small appliance protection plans suit Breville customers well. Consider a few examples of the reasons Upsie offers the best choice for small appliance protection:
  • Upsie’s direct sales model allows the company to charge less than at the store's checkout. Also, isn't it nice to not have put be on the spot at the checkout without any time to research and plan the extra expense?
  • Claims can be started 24-7 on Upsie's website.
  • Upsie has their own nation-wide network of the best authorized repair businesses so to ensure convenient, nearby repair for you.
  • Upsie gives their customers up to 4 YEARS to purchase a protection plan after original purchase. So consumers can focus on buying the perfect appliance before they need to compare protection plan.
  • Customers can make two claims per rolling 12 months.
  • Plans are an affordable $1.49/mo. If you ever make a claim, it is just a $50 deductible to get it fixed or replaced.
Breville appliances tend to cost more than discount-store brands. But in turn, these machines should perform well and last for a long time. In turn, Upsie offers high-quality protection plans and unrivaled service for an affordable price. Upsie also offers protection plans for large appliances, various electronics, and other home essentials.

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