Blender Battle: Is Vitamix Or Ninja A Better Choice?

Gone are the days of boring, uninspired kitchen appliances handed down from one generation to the next. Culinary creations are now being whipped up by all sorts of high-tech gadgets. This is especially true in the blender space.
Rival companies Vitamix and Ninja have a loaded lineup of blenders at nearly every price range. With so much available, however, it’s tough to know where to start. To help, we will break down the top performers from each brand.


Foodies with money burning a hole in their pockets can certainly find something appealing in Vitamix’s line of premium blenders. With more than a dozen different models offered, Vitamix makes the selection process a little more involved than one might expect when blender shopping. The following are a few of the best Vitamix models worth considering:

Explorian E310

Blender sticker shock never used to be a thing, but Vitamix is trying to soften that blow a little with a more affordable model: the E310. Checking in at $349, it’s still a sizable chunk of cash to spend on a blender. However, those willing to pay a bit more will receive a fantastic device in exchange.
Vitamix is known for build quality and dependability, so it’s possible the E310 could save you money in the long run by being the most durable item in any kitchen.

5200 Standard

Another one of Vitamix’s more affordable options is the $449 model known as the 5200. It has “Standard” right in the name, so don’t expect it to be packed with features. A 64-ounce container is included, while variable speed control helps users change up the pace at any time in the blend. Another cool feature allows for cold ingredients to become hot over the course of about six minutes, thanks to the friction heat pumped out by the blades.

Professional Series 750

Some people find that their kitchen just isn’t complete without a top-of-the-line blender. In such situations, there’s no room for compromise — the 750 model is an absolute essential.
Automated blending settings make it possible to set and forget the blender. Later, cleanup is a breeze. The motor is strong enough to grind fine nuts and seeds, which is not always possible with commercial blenders. All this power comes at a steep price, however, with the Pro Series 750 demanding $599.


Ninja blenders have gained a loyal following thanks to their reasonably affordable prices and rock-solid performance. Their foothold in the kitchen is strong, with a streamlined selection of products that can do almost everything a Vitamix can at a fraction of the price.

Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Blender

Crush it in the kitchen with the Foodi. This is Ninja’s first blender with the ability to make hot soups. The 800-watt precision heating element inside the base of the Foodi heats up everything from chocolate sauce to nacho cheese, turning an ordinary blender into a full-on slow cooker. All of this functionality can be had for a respectable price of $159.

Ninja Professional Plus with Auto-iQ

Three preset buttons on the Professional Plus give users the ability to make smoothies, frozen drinks, and ice cream in a hurry. With a huge 72-ounce pitcher included, there’s enough space to prepare a tasty drink or treat for an entire household. This is Ninja’s most popular choice, and for good reason, as it has already proven to be reliable, functional, and well worth its $109 price.

Ninja Nutri-Blender Plus

This is the perfect item for on-the-go smoothie fanatics who crave a healthy drink while traveling. The Nutri-Blender Plus doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. For some, however, that’s actually part of the appeal. Throw some ice and fresh or frozen fruit or vegetables into the 20-ounce cup and give it a blend. Within seconds, a portable drink is ready to go. At $69, this is a clear bargain — even for those who only need a cheap, no-frills blender they can keep at home.

Vitamix Or Ninja Extended Warranty

While no one blender is perfect for every smoothie lover, all can agree on the need for extended warranty coverage. That’s where Upsie comes into play. With an Upsie blender extended warranty, it’s possible to create delicious concoctions with confidence, as any possible malfunctions can easily be repaired. The long-term savings are considerable given the steep cost of replacement, especially considering that Upsie appliance warranties have no deductibles. So an extended warranty is an absolutely essential consideration when purchasing a Vitamix, Ninja or other blender.

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