Is Getting an Air Fryer Warranty Worth It?

Many people associate extended warranties with larger appliances like ovens or refrigerators. However, Upsie offers warranty plans for a variety of electronics, from lawn mowers to headphones and treadmills to laptops. They also have great extended warranties for small appliances, like air fryers.
Just because an air fryer is small doesn’t mean it’s not prone to breaking. Air fryers, like other appliances, are made up of hundreds of small parts that can easily malfunction. And, though they may not cost hundreds of dollars like a large appliance, a broken air fryer can still be inconvenient and lead to an unexpected replacement expense. Keep reading to find out why an air fryer warranty is worth the money.

Save Money

Air fryers are pretty inexpensive as far as kitchen appliances go. While a large, high-quality air fryer can cost upwards of $200, you can get a decent air fryer for as low as $50. If you purchase an inexpensive air fryer, you may assume an extended warranty isn’t worth it. After all, it might not break the bank to have to replace a $50 air fryer.
But why pay $50 to replace an air fryer when you could pay less? Upsie costs $10 for a 2-year warranty or $16.99 for a 3-year warranty on that $50 air fryer. To continue, there is no deductible on air fryer warranty plans, so once you pay for the plan, Upsie will completely cover the cost of all labor, parts, or a replacement unit.

Complete Coverage

Upsie air fryer warranty plans cover all sorts of issues and defects. So whether your air fryer breaks due to heating/cooling issues, power failure, or manufacturing defects, Upsie has you covered. Their warranty plans offer comprehensive coverage to keep your air fryer cooking for the extent of its lifespan and hopefully beyond!

Cons of an Air Fryer Warranty

The only downside to purchasing an air fryer warranty is that you may not need it. No one can say whether an air fryer will break or not. Maybe you’ll be lucky and your air fryer will work perfectly for years. But if your air fryer does break, you’ll be thankful that you thought ahead and bought a warranty plan that will cover its repair. For many customers, spending the $10 for coverage is worth the peace of mind, even if you never make a claim.
It’s important to note that extended warranty plans for small appliances do not cover damage from accidents, such as drops.

How to File a Claim With Upsie

Filing a claim with Upsie is easy! They understand that damage can happen on any day, at any time. And an air fryer can become an essential part of your daily cooking routine, so you’ll want to get it repaired fast! Upsie customers can file a claim 24-7-365 by filling out the online form or calling the claims center to talk to a real person. Their dedicated customer service team will file your claim on the first call (unless photo verification is needed) so you can get your air fryer repaired quickly.
Once your claim is accepted, you can choose to take your air fryer to a local certified repair technician for possibly a same- or next-day repair. Or you can opt to send your appliance to Upsie’s repair center with free 2-day round trip shipping. If a certified repair technician can’t repair your appliance on the first claim, Upsie will replace your device.
That’s it! Many assume extended warranties are overly complicated and over-priced, which is true for plans sold in stores. But Upsie strives to make the extended warranty purchase and claims process as transparent and simple as possible. So while an air fryer may be considered a small appliance, you can save big money and time with an Upsie air fryer warranty.

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