Major Appliance Extended Warranty Coverage

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Protect your Appliances from Defects, Internal Leaks, and More

Eligibility limited to major appliances purchased in the last 11 months

3 Year Warranty
No Deductible
5 Year Warranty
No Deductible

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5 Year Appliance Protection for $1.93 per month

UpsieSquareTrade®Bestbuy®Home Depot®Lowes®
Manufacturing Defect
24/7 Claims
Pay up front or In Installments*up front onlyup front only
No Deductible or Service Fee
3 Year Warranty Price$74.03$114.99$104.99$105.00$99.97
Price per month of coverage (3 year)$2.06$3.19$2.92$2.92$2.78
5 Year Warranty Price$115.52$229.99$159.99$160.00$154.97
Price per month of coverage (5 year)$1.93$3.83$2.67$2.67$2.58

Price as of Nov 20, 2020 for a $849.99 Bosch 300 Series dishwasher. *Installments managed through PayPal Pay in Four®. Applied at checkout.

Upsie’s protection includes:


Mechanical Failure

Upsie covers manufacturer defects and non-accidental failures to motors, gears, ball bearings, internal tubing, computer chips rotors, and other internal moving parts

Repair Options

To get you back to working order in no time, take a look at your options for repairing a phone.

In-home repair

For major appliances, we will schedule and send a certified repair technician to your home for on-site repairs.

No service charges. No deductibles. Parts and Labor are covered!