LG Refrigerator Extended Warranty Options

LG’s refrigerator lineup has never been bigger or better. With smart fridges now all the rage, it’s a lineup that’s also increasingly cutting-edge. Convenient but complicated, one drawback of such high-tech appliances is that they’re expensive and complex to repair.
As a result, many of LG’s top-selling refrigerators now cost more than ever to fix in the event of a fault. Of course, everyone knows that a broken fridge is a potential nightmare. Spoiled food, leaking water, and any number of other unwanted eventualities are all very real possibilities.
A great way to ensure peace of mind amid worries surrounding costly faults, failures, and other unexpected breakdowns is with an extended appliance warranty. When it comes to LG’s refrigerators, several options are available, starting with coverage from the manufacturer.

Extended LG Manufacturer Warranty

All of today’s major appliance manufacturers sell a variety of extended warranties and service contracts. LG is no different. These policies typically extend the one-year limited warranties granted by manufacturers from new. LG sells various products, including LG Premium Care and LG Extended Care.
For appliance buyers, LG Premium Care is the most common option. With LG Premium Care, buyers of the manufacturer’s refrigerators continue to receive numerous warranty benefits after an original from-new limited policy has expired. Up to three years of coverage is available.
Although comprehensive, LG Premium Care can be prohibitively expensive. Premium Care plans are also bound by an increasingly long list of terms, conditions, and restrictions. These warranties leave LG Premium Care customers without protection after only three years, regardless of their wishes.
So, while LG Premium Care is comprehensive and comes with various perks—such as access to LG’s in-house service technicians—it’s vital to note that policies are invariably costly while also being capped at just 36 months.

Extended LG Retailer Warranty

Retailers of LG’s fridges may also offer one or more extended warranty or service contract solutions. Generally speaking, these solutions provide many of the same benefits that come with extended manufacturer warranties. In some instances, the same insurance provider, such as Asurion, may underwrite these warranties.
Big-box retailers like Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe’s may offer extended LG retailer warranties. The length, nature, and extent of coverage will vary from one retailer to another. However, all typically have several things in common as far as the buying process.
Chief among these are high-pressure sales tactics and sky-high margins. LG refrigerator buyers may therefore find themselves pressured into an unsuitable package. Coverage is usually marked-up ten times or more over cost, too. All too often, the result is inferior coverage at a higher price than what LG Premium Care or a similar plan may cost.
They may cap policies at 36 months as well. So, although potentially convenient and readily available at the point of sale, it’s important never to rush into an extended LG retailer warranty. Instead, it’s advisable to shop around before committing to any extended refrigerator warranty.

Extended LG Refrigerator Warranty From Upsie

Thankfully, extended manufacturer and retailer warranties aren’t the only options for protecting LG refrigerators. Consumers can also deal directly with Upsie’s warranty experts to secure coverage that’s comprehensive, affordable, and easy to understand.
Upsie cuts out any unnecessary middlemen, potentially saving customers up to 70 percent in the process. Yet despite these savings, coverage is comparable or superior to that sold by the likes of LG, underwriters such as Asurion and Allstate, and big-box retailers including Best Buy and Lowe’s.
  • Expert in-home repairs
  • Up to five years of comprehensive coverage
  • Unlimited claims up to a fridge’s purchase price
  • Unlimited claims up to a fridge’s purchase price
  • $0 deductible
  • No service fees
With that, Upsie protects customers against everything from manufacturing defects to mechanical faults and other failures for up to five years. Where an issue arises with an LG refrigerator, Upsie’s team will instruct a certified local repair technician to take care of it at the first opportunity. With a $0 deductible and no service fees to pay, all parts and labor are covered in full.
Activating any Upsie extended major appliance warranty is easy, too. Upsie customers also have up to 11 months from buying an LG refrigerator to purchase a warranty. As such, there’s no pressure and no need to rush.
To find out more or to lock in an extended LG refrigerator warranty in as little as five minutes, head to Upsie.com or download the Upsie app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

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