Is Best Buy the Best Place to Buy Appliances?

Best Buy is a well-known retailer with a wide variety of home appliances. It is a convenient option for some customers, but there are both pros and cons to consider before making a purchase. Here are the top benefits and disadvantages of buying appliances from Best Buy.

Pros of Buying Appliances at Best Buy

Best Buy is one of the most popular retailers for buying appliances, TVs, and other electronics. They offer special financing options to budget large purchases and will sometimes offer price-matching services. Here are three more benefits of buying appliances from Best Buy.

Wide Range of Appliances

Another benefit of shopping for appliances at Best Buy is that they offer many brands and models. Best Buy also sells tech like laptops, smartphones, and TVs. So, if you’re looking for multiple items, then Best Buy is a good place to find everything you need.

Convenient Locations

Best Buy has locations in nearly every major city and town. So you can easily find a store near you without having to travel. You can also purchase appliances online and have them delivered to your home. Because of Best Buy's easy delivery and installation service, customers find it easy to purchase appliances from the retailer.

Knowledgeable and Resourceful Staff

Best Buy hires knowledgeable staff who know the details about the appliances and electronics at the store. Customers can ask questions and get reliable and knowledgeable answers. So you can get expert advice and guidance when shopping for appliances. This is incredibly helpful for customers who know what style they want but aren't sure what brand or model fits their style best.

Cons of Buying Appliances at Best Buy

Although Best Buy is a great retailer and has many advantages, there are some disadvantages when purchasing appliances. Here are three disadvantages you should consider.

Limited Selection In-Store

Unfortunately, Best Buy only offers a small selection of brands and models in the store. As a result, you may not be able to find the exact appliance that you want. In some cases, you might have to settle for a different model. If you’re looking for a specific model and Best Buy doesn’t carry it, try visiting the manufacturer’s website.

You will also find a much larger selection of appliances if you shop online instead of in-store. Best Buy’s online selection is massive, and they will ship and install the appliance for a small fee.

Poor Customer Service During Holidays

One of the biggest downsides of Best Buy is the poor customer service during the store's busiest seasons. This is especially true during holidays and sales. The retailer can have long lines at the checkout counter and not enough employees to help with the many needs that customers may have, making it difficult to get the help you need.

This downside is true of most large retailers. You can often avoid this problem by shopping before or after the holiday season.

High Prices

Best Buy's prices can be high since they are a large retailer. They often mark up their prices to cover costs, so you may be able to find the same appliance for a lower price at a specialized appliance store.

Some Best Buy locations will offer a price match if you can find the appliance for less elsewhere. So, before purchasing a Best Buy appliance, check to see if you can get the price lowered.

Where Should You Purchase Appliances From?

Best Buy is a great retailer for appliances and other electronics. However, if you don’t have a Best Buy in your area, there are plenty of other options. For example, you can purchase appliances directly from the manufacturer by visiting your preferred manufacturer’s website.

Other retailers that sell affordable appliances include Costco, Lowes, and Home Depot. You can also find local appliance stores in your area.

Does Best Buy Offer Appliance Extended Warranties?

Best Buy offers extended warranty options for many appliances. These extended warranties, known as protection plans, provide additional coverage for your appliance after the manufacturer's warranty expires. The warranties cover repairs and replacements if the appliance has a defect during the warranty period.

Best Buy’s best-known warranty is called the Geek Squad. Overall, the Geek Squad is a good warranty service with comprehensive coverage. The main downside to purchasing Geek Squad’s protection is that it’s overpriced and has slow customer service.

Instead of settling for Geek Squad, consider an Upsie warranty for your appliances. Upsie’s warranties are equally comprehensive, with 24/7/365 access to claims representatives.

Best of all, Upsie’s plans cost up to 70% less than warranties from Best Buy because they sell direct to consumers. For example, if you purchase a $1,889 GE refrigerator from Best Buy, Geek Squad protection will cost $159.99 for three years and $349.99 for five years. In contrast, a similar warranty from Upsie costs $128.99 for three years and $249.99 for five years. This means that you save $100 on the five-year warranty when you choose to buy from Upsie instead!

Visit to learn more about Upsie’s warranties today.

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