What is the Best GE Appliance Warranty?

Today's consumers have a variety of extended warranty providers to choose from. As far as GE appliance warranties go, it's vital to take into account several important factors. For example, some extended warranty packages are more focused on particular areas than others, such as defect protection or appliance replacement.
Accordingly, it's essential to understand what each provider offers. You can then make an informed decision about which extended warranty is right for you. The same is true for both GE appliances and those produced by other manufacturers.

Best GE Appliance Warranties Available Now

Any effective GE appliance warranty must cover a number of key areas. Chief among these are power failures, mechanical breakdowns, and defects including heating, cooling, and drainage issues.  In-home repairs and appliance replacement provisions are also important.
Protection in these areas should be central making an extended warranty purchase. This applies to GE appliances, but also to other brands including appliances manufactured by LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and Electrolux.

Mechanical Failure

The main risk associated with almost any major appliance is mechanical failure. Examples include non-accidental breakdowns of motors, gears, rotors, and other internal moving parts. GE, of course, covers such eventualities as part of its limited one-year warranty.
However, once this has expired, consumers are wholly unprotected from future breakdowns. Extended warranty coverage is therefore required for those wishing to safeguard against any such failures going forward.

Power Failure

Equally significant is protection against power failures. Any major appliance stuck without power is rendered largely useless until repairs are complete. This is especially true of refrigerators and freezers. Here, a power failure can be a nightmare, quickly leading to potentially hundreds of dollars worth of spoiled food.
For many households, a washer, dryer, or oven power failure is also likely to cause a serious headache. With that, suitable protection from possible power failures is crucial as part of any extended warranty.

Defect Protection

While most extended warranties cover mechanical and power failures, defects are another matter. Even under some manufacturers' own limited warranties, customers may not be protected against defects. Prime examples of defects include heating and cooling issues or drain failures.
Thankfully, GE pledges to protect its appliances against defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months after purchase. Beyond this, though, customers are on their own. To maintain protection, you need an extended appliance warranty.
Not all extended warranty providers offer universal defect protection, though. Upsie, for example, specifically includes comprehensive protection from defects—such as ball bearing, internal tubing, and computer chip failures—with all of its GE appliance extended warranties.

In-Home Repair

Next, and crucial for any major GE appliance, is in-home repair. Some extended warranty providers only offer support via providers' central repair facilities. In these cases, customers must ship in their appliances for diagnosis and mending.
Yet, when taking into account the likes of refrigerators and range ovens, this isn't feasible like it is for smaller appliances.

Appliance Replacement

Much like defect protection, appliance replacement is another area where checking the small print is critical. The best GE extended warranties provide appliance replacement if repairs are not possible.
Some extended manufacturer providers do not include appliance replacement. As such, search specifically for this coverage. For example, Upsie clearly outlines that if  repair is not feasible on the first claim, they will replace it at no extra cost.

Best GE Appliance Extended Warranty Providers

Appliance owners have three primary sources of extended warranty coverage. These are appliance manufacturers, big-box retailers, and independent warranty specialists.
Understandably, some individuals prefer to stick with an extended manufacturer warranty because it's easy. However, it can be prohibitively expensive. Others are persuaded, instead, to opt for big-box retailers' warranty packages at the point of sale. This coverage is likely to be less comprehensive, still expensive, and may not include in-home repair or appliance replacement.
Meanwhile, those happy to shop around will often discover the benefits of choosing an independent warranty specialist. These providers generally offer coverage that's comparable or superior to manufacturers' own extended warranties.
Additionally, by cutting out any unnecessary middlemen, it's possible to see significant savings by going straight to the experts. Minnesota-based Upsie, for one, is able to provide discounts of up to 70% compared to the competition by offering this approach.


Manufacturer-issued extended warranties remain popular with those seeking a continuation of an appliance's limited warranty. These limited warranties typically range in length from 90 days to 12 months. By default, GE offers its customers a limited one-year warranty on appliances including refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, and range ovens.
Though costly, extended warranty coverage issued by manufacturers is typically comprehensive, especially in regards to power failures and mechanical breakdowns. Yet, consumers may not have protection against other problems, such as computer chip defects.
GE's extended warranty protection covers functional parts on appliances that fail during everyday residential use. Customers can take up paid-for extended coverage once their limited GE warranties expire. Prices vary, but the cost of cover is likely to exceed that of both big-box retailers and independent warranty specialists.

Big-Box Retailers

Another option for extended GE warranty protection is coverage provided by retailers. Big-box retailers such as Home Depot, Best Buy, and Lowes typically offer customers the chance to purchase extended warranty coverage at the point of sale. Again, prices vary. As one might expect, levels of coverage differ considerably from one brand to another.
While convenient, it's important to closely examine restrictions surrounding what is and isn't included when buying an extended warranty from any big-box retailer. We recommend that buyers explore other options for their GE appliance warranty.

Independent Warranty Specialists

Independent warranty providers have coverage that's both affordable and comprehensive. Consumers will be awarded for shopping around with lower prices.
That said, it's imperative to consider only established and top-rated independent warranty providers.
Founded in 2015, Upsie has established itself as a leader in the extended warranty market. The deliver protection that's up to 70% cheaper than comparable coverage from competitors. What's more, Upsie's appliance warranties include protection on all five of the key fronts outlined above.
Additional benefits include 24/7 claims and no deductibles or service fees on major appliance warranty packages. Five years of Upsie appliance coverage starts from under $75. That's equivalent to comprehensive protection on all manner of GE appliances for as little as $1.23 per month.

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