Best Energy-Saving Appliances in 2022

Energy costs are at an all-time high. With that, opting for highly efficient appliances has never been more important. In the past, appliances like washers and dryers have invariably been energy-hungry and, therefore, costly to run.
Luckily, many newer and more innovative models focus on efficiency. As a result, choosing the best energy-saving appliances can save households hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. It’s something that’s especially apparent when it comes to refrigerators and freezers.

Best Energy-Saving Refrigerator

With refrigerators, there’s a fine line between energy usage and energy efficiency. The most efficient aren’t necessarily those that use the least energy. Even super-efficient models may still use a relatively large amount of power.
What’s essential, then, is working out how well a refrigerator performs versus what’s known as the U.S. federal standard. This standard represents the maximum energy consumption allowed by the U.S. Department of Energy for a refrigerator based on its size and configuration.
On that basis, among the best energy-saving models in 2022 is the Beko BFBF2414SS bottom freezer refrigerator. The Beko BFBF2414SS uses around 35 percent less energy than the corresponding federal standard. It also uses just 286 kilowatt-hours of energy per year. That’s considerably less than many other popular energy-saving models, which can use up to 600 kilowatt-hours of power each year.
Feature-packed, the BFBF2414SS from Beko includes a separate freezer and comes complete with the brand’s NeoFrost dual-cooling technology. NeoFrost promises to cool any contents twice as fast as before while maintaining optimal humidity in the refrigerator and keeping the freezer frost-free.

Best Energy-Saving Freezer

When it comes to standalone freezers, things are more straightforward. What’s most important in this instance is simple energy consumption. And, on that basis, it’s another Beko product that’s the best as far as energy-saving standard-sized appliances go. This time, it’s the Beko BUFR2715WH upright freezer.
The BUFR2715WH from Beko uses barely 300 kilowatt-hours of energy per year – much less than most other freezers of a similar size. It’s something that’s thanks in no small part to Beko’s Freezer Guard technology. Much beyond that, it’s a largely basic but highly efficient freezer and one that’s among the best energy-saving appliances of 2022.

Best Energy-Saving Washer

When shopping for an energy-saving washer, there are several things to consider. Because they aren’t running all of the time like refrigerators and freezers, simple power consumption isn’t necessarily the biggest concern. Instead, it’s more important to take into account overall efficiency. That’s in terms of both energy and water usage.
The Samsung Smart Dial extra-large-capacity front-load washer stands out from other options. Based on laundry output versus energy and water usage combined, the Samsung Smart Dial washer—model number WF50A8600AE—is one of the most efficient on today’s market.
Moreover, the WF50A8600AE from Samsung also uses artificial intelligence to maximize performance. As such, it’ll learn and recommend the most appropriate and energy-efficient wash cycles over time. It’s perfect for families where large loads are the norm. In addition, its built-in AI means it’s just as efficient when tackling smaller loads.

Best Energy-Saving Dryer

Dryers are now more energy-efficient than ever. They’re also one of the few appliances where buyers can choose between electric or gas power.
Overall, it’s an electric standard ventless model that’s the best as far as energy-saving in 2022. That’s according to Energy Star’s performance metric for dryers, where it scores 9.75. The model in question, the Miele PDR 908 HP, is a professional heat-pump dryer. Unfortunately, the PDR 908 HP from Miele also comes with a professional-level price tag of $4,295.
Somewhat more affordable is the Bosch WTW87NH1UC 500 Series heat-pump dryer. The $1,399 Bosch 500 Series dryer scores a still-impressive 6.8 according to Energy Star’s performance metric. That’s well ahead of the average score of roughly 4.5 achieved by many other energy-efficient models.

Best Cost-Saving Appliance Warranty

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