What Is the Best Samsung Refrigerator Warranty Length?

Few people would argue with the value of an extended refrigerator warranty. Benefits range from simple peace of mind to expert in-home repairs in the event of faults and other failures. They’re also increasingly crucial as costly and complicated cutting-edge smart fridges become widespread.
Many of today’s most popular and top-rated refrigerators come from South Korean electronics giant Samsung. Like the majority of manufacturers, Samsung offers just a one-year limited warranty on its fridges as standard.
So, with that, and having established the value of refrigerator warranties, this boasts one important question: What’s the best length for an extended Samsung refrigerator warranty?

Samsung Refrigerator Warranty Length and Provisions

To work out the best length for an extended Samsung refrigerator warranty, it’s a good idea to start with a closer look at the manufacturer’s limited warranty provisions. When purchasing a new Samsung fridge, consumers receive one year of limited warranty coverage on parts and labor.
At the same time, Samsung does grant a further degree of coverage specifically in regards to its products’ sealed refrigeration systems. Strictly in terms of these systems only, Samsung provides an additional four years of limited warranty coverage.
That said, faults with sealed refrigeration systems aren’t particularly common. It’s much more likely that one or more issues will occur with a fridge’s power supply, for example. However, Samsung’s specific sealed refrigeration system warranty provisions do offer some help in determining the best length for a broader extended policy.

Optimum Extended Warranty Length for Samsung Fridges

Extended appliance warranties vary in length, typically starting at two years. As we’ve established, Samsung grants a total of five years of limited coverage exclusively on its sealed refrigeration systems.
This figure of five years is extremely useful in helping to determine the best length for a broader and, therefore, more comprehensive extended refrigerator warranty. That’s because customers can use the same logic Samsung uses to determine the warranty for refrigeration systems. As a result, it’s possible to conclude that the best length for a Samsung refrigerator warranty is, for the most part, five years.

Five-Year Samsung Fridge Extended Warranty Coverage

The best length for a Samsung refrigerator warranty is five years in most instances. With a five-year extended warranty in place, Samsung refrigerator buyers have protection in numerous key areas. That includes from-new protection in the event of manufacturing defects and other early faults – something that’s vital in the first year.
Then, in years two, three, four, and five, Samsung fridge owners have protection from any subsequent faults and failures. Much beyond five years, extended warranty coverage simultaneously becomes more costly and less comprehensive as appliances age.
During this period, age-related wear and tear issues are common. However, extended warranties don’t always offer coverage for this issue. As a result, consumers are paying for expensive coverage that doesn’t extend to the most likely eventualities at a given point in time.
Still, it’s not uncommon for manufacturers and retailers to offer longer extended appliance warranties of up to ten years. However, for the reasons outlined above, these are rarely cost-effective solutions and should usually be avoided.

Save Up to 70 Percent With Upsie

Upsie’s five-year extended major appliance warranty packages are designed with Samsung’s best-selling refrigerators in mind. Upsie offers coverage that’s comprehensive, affordable, and easy to understand. In addition, Upsie’s extended major appliance warranties are comparable or superior to those sold by manufacturers and retailers.
By cutting out the middleman and dealing directly with Upsie’s warranty experts, consumers can save up to 70 percent on the cost of coverage compared to retailers or manufacturers. Other benefits of a five-year extended Samsung refrigerator warranty from Upsie include:
  • Comprehensive five-year coverage
  • U.S.-based claims center
  • Parts and labor included
  • In-home repairs
  • $0 deductible
  • No service fees
  • 24/7/365 claims
That’s in addition to free warranty transfers and unlimited claims up to an appliance’s purchase price. Furthermore, if the cost of repair isn’t feasible, Upsie will replace any faulty appliance at no further charge on the first claim. A five-year extended refrigerator warranty for a $999.99 refrigerator costs just $154.99, which is equivalent to less than $2.60 monthly. Find out more at Upsie.com.

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