The Best LG Washtower Warranty Plan

Washers and dryers are crucial in any home, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the space for them. That’s why LG’s WashTower is so popular. By stacking the washer and the dryer, homeowners can save space and have a more convenient laundry system. The washer/dryer combo is also great for extended warranty purposes. Instead of purchasing and keeping track of two LG warranty plans, you can enroll the LG WashTower in one plan since it counts as one machine. So what’s the best warranty plan for the space-saving appliance? Keep reading to find out your LG WashTower warranty options.

What’s a Limited Warranty?

Every appliance comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty to ensure the machine keeps working as intended for a certain amount of time. This is meant to protect the consumer from purchasing a faulty device and losing money. For the LG WashTower, there is a 2-year limited warranty on parts and labor and a 10-year warranty on the Inverter DirectDrive motor. If your washer experiences a mechanical defect under normal use within two years, the manufacturer will pay to repair or replace it.

What’s an Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty will extend the coverage provided by the limited warranty. For example, suppose your LG WashTower experiences a mechanical defect three years after the purchase date. In that case, the limited warranty will not cover the repair unless it pertains to the motor. However, if you have a 5-year extended warranty, your repair will be covered by your extended warranty. Extended warranties can be purchased from manufacturers, retailers, and third-party companies like Upsie.

LG Premium Care

The LG warranty plan, called LG Premium Care, is powered by Asurion and acts as an extension of the limited warranty. The LG WashTower can be enrolled in a 1-year plan for $125.05, and 2-year plan for $225.09, or a 3-year plan for $318.88. With an LG Premium Care plan, LG will pay for any mechanical or manufacturing defects caused by normal use. It’ll also protect your device from damage due to a power surge. Plus, there are no fees or deductibles. If your claim is approved, you won’t have to pay a cent towards the repair.
LG Premium Care customers can file a claim at any time using the online form. They also have a customer service line, but they are only open for certain hours. For a large appliance like the WashTower, you’re eligible for in-home repair, which you can schedule for a convenient time.

Upsie LG Warranty

Most of the time, the best appliance warranty options don’t come from the manufacturer or retailer. For example, the best LG WashTower warranty is from Upsie! Upsie offers comprehensive coverage for an affordable price and has the best customer service.
While LG Premium Care only offers up to a 3-year plan, you can protect your appliance for longer with Upsie! Upsie offers a 3-year LG WashTower extended warranty for $234.99 or a 5-year plan for $363.99. That means Upsie’s three-year warranty is over $80 more affordable than LG Premium Care’s plan. For only about $45 more than LG’s 3-year plan, you can get an additional two years of coverage with Upsie. And Upsie’s plan has no deductible.
Appliances enrolled in an Upsie warranty will be covered against mechanical failure, power failure, and heating and cooling issues. If your machine does break, you can file a claim by phone 24-7-365, or by filling out a online form. Upsie will help you schedule an in-home repair, so your LG WashTower is up and running again in no time.
And Upsie doesn’t only have the best LG WashTower warranty. They also offer affordable and comprehensive warranty plans for a wide range of devices, so you can protect all your favorite tech and control all your warranty plans from one platform. So choose Upsie for all your warranty needs!

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