The Best Whirlpool Extended Warranty for Your Appliance

As a Whirlpool appliance owner, you have numerous warranty options to choose from, but which is the best? Unfortunately, with any product, the standard limited warranty provided by a manufacturer all too rapidly comes to an end, often after just 12 months. At that point, customers must look to take out extended policies to maintain coverage.
It’s an especially important consideration for the types of kitchen and laundry appliances in which Whirlpool specializes. Kitchen and laundry appliances are some of the most relied upon in our homes. If they malfunction, stop working, or otherwise become faulty, it can be a huge ordeal.
For example, a leaking washing machine can potentially lead to flooding – a disaster in any home. Meanwhile, a broken refrigerator or freezer can quickly result in hundreds of dollars worth of spoiled food. Among the best ways of helping to prevent such unfortunate eventualities is by taking out an extended warranty for major appliances.

Whirlpool Appliance Warranties

All Whirlpool appliances come with a standard limited warranty that typically lasts a year from the date of purchase. Once this time is up, an extended policy offers equal or superior protection going forward. These are available for a period of between two and five years.
Because extended warranties typically offer a superior level of coverage, they may also be taken out in parallel with a manufacturer’s limited warranty. Such policies are often promoted at the point of sale, either by big-box retailers or manufacturers themselves.
Extended manufacturer warranties are usually more comprehensive than those sold by retailers. However, both can be wildly expensive, with retailer warranties, in particular, commonly supplied at huge mark-ups of up to 900 percent.

Cutting Out the Middleman

These mark-ups exist almost exclusively to line the pockets of the industry middlemen who act as intermediaries. Thankfully, it’s possible to sidestep these individuals and their organizations by dealing directly with an independent warranty specialist such as Upsie.
Upsie is committed to making the extended warranty-buying process as transparent as possible. With that, warranties for both major and small appliances are more affordable and more straightforward than ever. As a result, Upsie provides better coverage at a lower cost. Upsie customers can protect their appliances with a plan they can trust.
Upsie offers Whirlpool extended warranty solutions for refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, wine coolers, gas and electric ranges, single and double ovens, cooktops, countertop and built-in microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and more.

Save Up to 70 Percent With Upsie

By dealing directly with the experts, consumers can save up to 70 percent on the cost of all-important major appliance warranty and small appliance warranty plans with Upsie. Upsie’s prices are affordable but never at the expense of coverage or customer service.
Upsie’s Whirlpool appliance warranties are comparable or superior to those from manufacturers, retailers, and other third-party providers. These include Allstate, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Best Buy. The only difference is the cost-saving potential on offer.
To demonstrate, take the cost of a three-year extended warranty for a Whirlpool Heavy-Duty Dishwasher with 1-Hour Wash Cycle at $849.00. With Upsie, the warranty would cost just $98.99. By contrast, comparable coverage from Allstate would set you back $114.99, while Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Best Buy each charge between $99.97 and $109.99.
Even bigger savings are possible on five-year warranties, too. Here, an Upsie customer looking to protect the same appliance would pay just $154.99 for five years of coverage. With Allstate, the price is almost double, at $229.99.

Benefits of an Upsie Whirlpool Extended Warranty

All Upsie warranties, including those designed for Whirlpool’s kitchen and laundry appliances, boast a number of fantastic benefits. These benefits include protection against manufacturer defects and the non-accidental failure of motors, gears, drainage malfunctions, ball bearings, computer chips, rotors, and other internal moving parts. Upsie also covers power failures and heating and cooling issues.
Elsewhere, Upsie offers convenient in-home repairs for customers’ major appliances carried out by highly skilled and fully certified technicians, all with no deductible to pay. In addition, if the repair price isn’t feasible, Upsie will replace an appliance at no further cost. Upsie customers can also gift or sell an appliance with the balance of its warranty intact. Luckily, it may not be too late to cancel your overpriced retailer warranty! Find out more at

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