The Top LG Appliances With the Best LG Extended Warranty

Early in 2021, LG surprised many people when it abruptly stopped making smartphones. Even though this phone brand once enjoyed widespread popularity, recently LG started to lose money on this division. According to TechRadar, pandemic-related supply shortages and LG’s inability to thrive in an increasingly competitive market cemented a decision to step away from the phone business.
At the same time, LG diverted resources to the appliance market. In particular, the company brought its experience with high-tech electronics to this market, providing innovative household appliances that stand out in the marketplace.

LG’s Focus on Home Appliances Pays Off

According to Korea Economic Daily, LG’s new focus on the home appliance sector paid off. The company posted an overall profit of about $990 million in the first two quarters of 2021. This total profit represents an increase of over 125 percent from the previous year’s same period.
Much of this improvement came from a demand for new appliances during the booming housing market and more people staying close to home during the pandemic. The publication speculated that LG would surpass Whirlpool to become the world’s largest home, laundry, and kitchen appliance manufacturer.

Top New LG Household Appliances

In particular, LG appliances offer connectivity to smart home systems and versatility to major appliances. Two of the top examples of highly reviewed LG kitchen appliances include the LG InstaView range and LG InstaView refrigerator.

LG InstaView Range

CNET called the LG InstaView range the company’s smartest household appliance yet. LG’s app enables Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to let users preheat and monitor their oven remotely. For instance, cooks can open the oven door with a voice command or turn on the oven light by knocking on the door twice. This range also features Sous Vide and air fry modes, which means it can replace a few small appliances on the counter.

LG InstaView Refrigerator

LG debuted its InstaView fridge before the range. Like the range, a panel lights up to let people peer into their refrigerator without opening the door. Voice commands open the fridge door, and UV light sanitizes dispensed water. A connection to Amazon Alexa will let the owner know when to change the water filter, and it can even automatically order a new one from Amazon. The LG app also works with Google Assistance.

How to Protect LG Home Appliances With an Extended Warranty

The most innovative home appliances offer features that help their owners save time and money. Examples include response to voice or app commands, remote monitoring, automatic alerts when the machine needs attention. That means that the latest appliances include electronic components and electric and mechanical parts.
The increased sophistication of smart appliances offers several benefits, but it can also make these devices more complex and vulnerable to issues. See, complex machines might cost more and be more difficult to repair. Because of this, a qualified repair service can be hard to find.
An Upsie LG appliance warranty offers protection against repair costs and a network of certified repair technicians near you. Upsie customers enjoy access to 24-7 claims by phone, and these live representatives will help schedule no-deductible, at-home service calls. Because Upsie sells their protection plans directly to customers, they can keep their prices up to 70 percent lower than store warranty companies without cutting corners on service or robust coverage.
Enjoy discovering the utility and convenience of the most innovative appliances. Then enjoy peace of mind with Upsie warranty protection.

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