Black and Decker Is Back – 5 Awesome New Small Appliances

For decades, Black and Decker has been a household name. They produce devices in a wide range of categories, including power tools, lawn and garden, cleaning equipment and appliances. For many, the company’s name was long synonymous with quality.
In recent years, through a combination of mergers and sell offs of particular business units (including Black and Decker Appliances), this reputation for quality took a hit. But today, Black and Decker is back. Its new lineup of innovative small appliances brings a wide range of impressive features to your home and kitchen — and with a similar level of quality to what the company was known for in the past.
Today’s post highlights five of these awesome new small appliances. Some of these may have slipped under your radar — until now. But each small appliance reviewed below promises to add sleek new functionality to your kitchen.
If you choose to pick up a new small appliance from Black and Decker, be sure to add on a quality extended small appliance warranty from Upsie. (More on that later.)

Crisp ‘N Bake Air Fry 4-Slice Toaster Oven

Air fryers are all the rage these days, and for good reason. This 4-slice device combines the power of air frying and the convenience of a conventional toaster oven into an efficient and innovative package.
Used correctly, an air fryer can produce that delicious deep-fried taste everyone loves on French fries, chicken tenders and more. But because you’re using air rather than hot oil, you can reduce the fat and calories significantly!
As a convection toaster oven, the Crisp ‘N Bake offers temperature control from warm up through 450 degrees. You also get a broil and toast setting, plus the esteemed air fry mode. There’s also a timer and toast level knob for even more added convenience.
Black and Decker says that this model can fit an entire nine-inch pizza or four slices of bread. Accessories in the box include a rack, a pan, and the iconic air fryer mesh basket.
With an MSRP of just $59.99, you’re getting a tremendous amount of functionality (including air fryer capability!) for far less than most standalone air fryers. That’s what makes the Crisp ‘N Bake Air Fry 4-Slice Toaster Oven an excellent new appliance from Black and Decker.

Spill-Buster Cordless Spill and Spot Cleaner

Another recently announced innovative new product from Black and Decker is the Spill-Buster Cordless Spill and Spot Cleaner. It’s a modern evolution of the classic Dustbuster, but now with the ability to vacuum up wet and dry messes alike.
The Spill-Buster also has a spray nozzle and a powered scrub brush. It enables you to dig into stains and set-in messes before vacuuming up the mess (plus the cleaning solution you sprayed).
Best of all, it’s portable and cordless!
If you need a tool for cleaning up pet messes, food and beverage spills, stains and more, the Spill-Buster is an ideal choice.

Dustbuster Advanced Clean+ Hand Vacuum

Speaking of the Dustbuster, Black and Decker is back with a massively improved model to commemorate the 40th anniversary of this iconic small appliance. The Dustbuster Advanced Clean+ is a far cry from the portable vacuum you grew up with, though. In fact, it has four times the suction power of the original Dustbuster.
There’s also an even longer crevice tool that you can extend to reach tricky spots. The dust bin is larger, too, so you can vacuum up even more mess before having to empty it out.

Honeycomb Collection 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

The Black and Decker coffeemaker is so widespread, you may have one and have never noticed the brand. Black and Decker brings a modern design flair to this classic small appliance, with a subtle honeycomb pattern built into the body of the machine.
The stainless steel accents elevate the look of this traditional-style coffee maker. And the programmable functions allow you to set your coffee brew time the night before.

Infuser 3-in-1 Digital PowerCrush Blending System

If you love to make smoothies and creamy sauces at home, you need a powerful blender. The Infuser PowerCrush adds a tamper like those high-end blenders, plus an innovative infuser for creating infused water in a flash. Yet the price remains impressively affordable.

Got a New Small Appliance? Protect It With Upsie

Black and Decker’s range of new small kitchen appliances is impressive, and the price points are quite reasonable. Still, buying any new appliance carries some risk. Electronic components can and do fail, and not everything is covered by the manufacturer’s standard warranty.
An extended small appliance warranty from Upsie is the solution you need. Choose from two or three years of extended warranty coverage, and Upsie will repair or replace your appliance if you encounter a covered problem.
You can make unlimited claims up to the value of the insured appliance. Upsie’s claims process is simple and straightforward. Call the 24/7 claims line; they’ll approve your claim and even schedule a repair appointment for you.
Upsie warranty rates are based on the price of the device you’re protecting, and rates are more affordable than you might expect. There are never deductibles on appliance warranty plans.
Don’t risk getting stuck with a broken appliance and a busted budget. Get an Upsie extended warranty today!

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