Compare Top Robot Vacuum Cleaners from Roomba, Shark and Samsung

These high-tech floor cleaners might not work quite as well as Rosie the Robot; however, the newest robot vacuum cleaners can remove a lot of the drudgery from cleaning floors. It’s true that older models may have failed to satisfy early adopters. Still, advances in machine intelligence, sensors, and other features mean that it’s time to give the latest robot vacuums another chance. To get started, take a look at the top robot vacuum brands in 2021.

Which Robot Vacuum is Best?

Money may not always equal value; however, the best robot vacuums generally come with higher price tags. We’ll take a look at three top robot vacuum cleaners from Roomba, Shark and Samsung.

iRobot Roomba S9 Plus

As an example, CNET called the iRobot Roomba S9 Plus the best model to purchase with an unlimited budget. Its powerful suction performed especially well on hard floors. Besides excelling at picking up pet hair and other contaminants, this vacuum worked quickly while handling navigation well. People who don’t mind paying $999 for this kind of convenience and performance should definitely consider this Roomba smart vacuum. It’s expensive but offers a good value.

Shark Ion

Lots of people want a robot vacuum but don’t care to invest nearly $1,000 to buy one. While CNN also gave the S9 Plus great reviews, Money actually chose the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum as their editor’s pick. This Shark smart vac comes with impressive cleaning power, effective navigation sensors, and best of all, a $229 price tag. It even connects with a mobile app and works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum

For $899, home automation buffs should consider the Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum. It is a high-tech option that uses 3D Object Recognition with AI. This means the vacuum can avoid running over socks and other small items on the floor. In addition, users can program no-go zones where the vacuum will avoid.  It also has a self-empty station.

Common Problems With Robot Vacuum Cleaners

It’s good to compare Roomba vs. Samsung vs. Shark vacuums before making a purchase. At the same time, even high-quality products from top companies eventually suffer from some of the same problems. The most common issues with robot vacuums include issues with charging, docking, connectivity, and cleaning.
Very often, these problems won’t show up right out of the box but may take several months to develop. After getting used to such a helpful appliance, nobody will want to wait long to have it repaired. Or, possibly worse, have to struggle to find a qualified technician to handle the job.
An Upsie warranty provides a convenient way to ensure quick, professional service without spending a lot of extra money. For example:
  • Competitively priced protection plan for appliances covers both local and mail-in repairs, pays for shipping, and charges absolutely no deductible for appliance repairs.
  • Customers can choose between two- and three-year warranties, and they have 60 days after a purchase to register their product with Upsie.
  • Upsie pays to repair mechanical issues, power failures, problems with computer chips, and much more.
  • If the repair doesn’t make sense, Upsie will even offer a replacement vacuum.
  • Upsie customers have access to 24-7 claims and customer service either by phone or online.

How to Buy a Robot Vacuum Extended Warranty

To get started with a protection plan, visit the Upsie robot vacuum warranty page to answer a few questions about the brand and price paid. Read the pricing and plan details, choose between a two- or three-year warranty, and then buy the warranty entirely online.
Besides robot vacuums, Upsie also offers warranty protection for many other appliances, electronics, and home goods. Save money and enjoy convenient, high-quality service with Upsie warranties and keep all your warranty details in one convenient place.

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Updated 4/28/2022

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