Looking for the Best Vitamix Warranty? Check Out Upsie

Vitamix makes some seriously impressive blenders, but they come at a steep price. So, are you looking for the best extended warranty for your Vitamix? Check out the top available options below, and learn why Upsie is the best choice.

Doesn’t Vitamix Offer a Strong Standard Warranty?

Yes, they do. Vitamix makes blenders of exceptionally high quality, and they stand behind their work. However, there are limitations in the coverage that make an extended Vitamix warranty well worth the investment for many Vitamix owners.
Vitamix’s standard warranties are lengthy, lasting 5, 7, or 10 years depending on the model you purchase. They also tend to be pretty thorough, covering failure within the specified number of years from purchase date “due to a defect in material or workmanship or as a result of normal wear and tear from ordinary household use.”
The company covers shipping within the US and Canada and specifies that they will complete a repair or replacement within 30 days of receiving the returned product.

Weaknesses to the Vitamix Standard Warranty

Now, there are some weaknesses to this coverage. First, 30 days is a long time to be without your blender. Also, Vitamix doesn’t warranty blenders that seem to have been used beyond normal household use.
The same goes if the company sees any evidence that you didn’t follow every single warning and safeguard in the owner’s manual.
Also, it’s unclear whether a repaired or replacement unit retains coverage under this warranty: Vitamix states that customers will by default accept the replacement/repaired blender “as is” unless they notify the company of a problem within just 48 hours.

Are There Other Extended Warranty Options for Vitamix Blenders?

Yes. Several third-party companies offer an extended warranty on Vitamix blenders.
Typically, these warranties run alongside the manufacturer’s warranty, which is primary. But if you have an extended warranty and Vitamix declines a particular repair, your extended warranty kicks in with its coverage (assuming the repair is covered under the extended warranty).

Retailer-Based Warranties

When you buy your Vitamix from a big box retailer (or a large online retailer that isn’t Vitamix itself), you might be offered the chance to buy an extended warranty. Best Buy has Geek Squad, Amazon often has some kind of bolt-on (whether it’s powered by Allstate or another insurer), and so on.
The problem with many of these warranties is that you don’t have time to analyze them before you have to decide. You’re being upsold at the register, which instantly makes it a pressure situation. And here’s the thing about pressure situations: they rarely work out in your favor. The pressure is there for a reason: to make you decide quickly without looking too closely.
Now, these plans are legitimate. But the coverage terms and the cost often aren’t the best you can get.


Upsie’s small appliance coverage is simple and straightforward — and it’s deeply affordable, as well. Coverage for a $359 Vitamix is $32.99 for two years and just $56.99 for three — around half the cost of SquareTrade!
Upsie covers all kinds of mechanical and power failures, as well as heating/cooling issues and leaks or drain failures.
Also, with Upsie, you can easily transfer warranty coverage to a new owner.
If you need to make a claim, doing so is simple. Give the company’s amazing customer claims team a call to start the process. Or fill out an online form and they’ll give you a call when you specify. After your claim is approved, they’ll help you locate a local repair shop or send you supplies to ship in your broken Vitamix for repair.
Upsie offers unlimited repairs under the warranty up to the cost of the device, as well.


In some cases, depending on the model of Vitamix and where you buy it, Vitamix will offer extended warranty coverage on top of the existing coverage. Several blender enthusiast sites show many users reporting being offered this service at a cost of an additional $75.
Vitamix mentions this as a possibility for Certified Reconditioned machines, bringing the total length of coverage to six or eight years.
That’s a long time on a refurbished machine. But $75 is pretty steep compared to other plans.


SquareTrade offers extended warranty protection for new household appliances and prices them based on the purchase price of the appliance. With SquareTrade, an extended warranty for a $359 Vitamix costs $99.99 for 3 years of coverage and $114.99 for five years of coverage
SquareTrade covers all the traditional stuff, like mechanical and electrical failures, power supply burnout, and leaks. SquareTrade says it handles repairs on site, though with smaller appliances this may not be particularly realistic.
There’s nothing wrong with SquareTrade’s coverage — other than the price. You’d pay even more with SquareTrade than you would directly with Vitamix. That doesn’t make sense for most consumers. Lastly, if you’re already paying more for SquareTrade warranties, learn how to switch to Upsie.

Upsie Has the Best Extended Vitamix Warranty

After reviewing the available options, it’s clear: Upsie has the best extended Vitamix warranty. Coverage is simple and affordable and easy to use. Ready to get started? Get your Upsie warranty today!

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