Comparing the LG Appliance Warranty with Upsie’s Warranty

If you’ve purchased an LG appliance, it’s important to understand what is and isn’t covered by the limited manufacturer’s warranty that comes with purchase. LG also offers an extended warranty service it calls LG Premium Care (but only on certain products).
How do the various options from LG stack up compared to Upsie’s extended appliance warranty offerings? Find out in this comparison guide.
Quick note on methodology: LG has customized language for every single appliance it sells, so it isn’t possible to exhaustively represent every possible variant here. Instead, representative basic to midrange appliances were selected in three categories: refrigerator, clothes washer, and cooking range. Be sure to compare your exact LG model using the company’s warranty information page to know exactly what’s covered (and what isn’t) on your appliance.

LG’s Basic Appliance Warranty

First up is the standard warranty that you’ll receive when you purchase your LG appliance. For nearly all major appliances, you’ll receive one year of parts and labor warranty coverage free of charge. Yet even here there are exceptions. Refrigerators, for example, limit coverage to “internal/functional parts only,” whatever that means. If a piece of trim breaks off the exterior, you’re likely out of luck.
Some products also have part-specific extended coverage included. For example, the sample clothes washer includes 10 years of coverage on the motor and lifetime coverage on the drum. The sample refrigerator is even more complex, offering the following extended coverage:
  • Sealed system (condenser, dryer, connecting tube and evaporator): 5 years parts and labor
  • Compressor: 5 years parts and labor
  • Linear/inverter compressor: 10 years parts, 5 years labor
Then the cooking range used as a sample didn’t contain any extended coverage.
This is all fairly standard for basic warranties, though the variety and number of exceptions could be frustrating, certainly.

LG Premium Care

LG offers an extended warranty or service plan on some of its appliances, called LG Premium Care. Look closely, though, and it’s clear that this plan is really just a repackaged Asurion product.
That’s not a problem, but it does mean something pretty important: if you need to make a claim on an LG Premium Care plan, it’s not really a first-party plan. It’s just as much a third-party extended warranty as any other.
So, how does LG Premium Care work? You have the option of buying one, two or three years of coverage. It protects you from mechanical or electrical related failures, covering all parts and labor costs with no deductibles.
Premium Care includes coverage for power surges, and “in-the-box” accessories are also covered. There’s also up to $300 in lost food coverage for refrigerators and freezers.

How Much Does LG Premium Care Cost?

LG keeps pricing hard to find without providing specific purchase and model information, but they give some sample prices for the one-year plan. And the results aren’t promising.
Here’s what the three sample products will (probably) cost for just one year of coverage:
  • Refrigerator: $146
  • Clothes washer: $66
  • Cooking range: $81
Prices go up from there, with a 3-year plan for an average clothes washer at $133 and for a refrigerator at nearly $300.
Compare these prices to the much lower prices from Upsie listed a little later on.

Upsie’s Extended Warranty Coverage

Upsie’s extended appliance warranty coverage is far more straightforward, not to mention affordable. It lacks a few bells and whistles, like food loss coverage and accessory coverage, but everything you actually need is covered, including these elements:
  • Mechanical failure
  • Power failure
  • Heating or cooling issues
  • Drain failure
Upsie offers in-home repair by certified technicians with no service charges or deductibles. All parts and labor are included.

Upsie and LG Premium Care Plan Costs, Compared

So, what about the cost?
Again, it’s a little challenging to get accurate data from LG Premium Care without an actual appliance to sign up with, so you may get slightly different numbers than the ones in this sample. But here’s how our sample appliances stack up in terms of cost.

$1,499 Side-by-Side Refrigerator

  • 3 year warranty for $115.99
  • 5 year warranty for $199.99
LG Premium Care:
  • 1 year premium care for $122.62
  • 2 years premium care for $170.36
  • 3 years premium care for $227.41

$599 Clothes Washer

  • 3 year warranty for $79.99
  • 5 year warranty for $129.99
LG Premium Care:
  • 1 year premium care for $61.92
  • 2 years premium care for $98.10
  • 3 years premium care for $133.07

$1,099 Electric Range Cooktop

  • 3 year warranty for $115.99
  • 5 year warranty for $199.99
LG Premium Care:
  • 1 year premium care for $83.20
  • 2 years premium care for $123.43
  • 3 years premium care for $163.22
These aren’t cherry-picked examples, either. In general comparisons, Upsie’s plans come out far lower in price — and longer in term — than LG’s.
The answer here is pretty clear. Upsie offers similar, in some cases better, coverage compared to LG Premium Care. And the cost for Upsie’s coverage is drastically lower than LG’s option. In addition, Upsie has fantastic service with 24/7 claims.
Ready to make your decision? Get your Upsie extended warranty now.

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