Introducing the Most Reliable Extended Appliance Warranty

Extended warranty market leader Upsie is committed to providing an easier, better, and more affordable way for consumers to protect their purchases. Offering comparable or superior levels of coverage to manufacturers’ own extended warranties, Upsie does it all without sales pitches or huge price markups.
Did you know, many traditional extended warranty plans have markups up to 500%?
Often the result of a ‘hard sell’ from cashiers and sales personnel, now, Upsie is on hand to confront the extended warranty industry of the past by challenging marketplace conventions. In fact, for over five years, Upsie has been doing precisely this by empowering consumers with information, access, convenience, and reliability.

The Most Reliable Appliance Extended Warranty

Upsie sells their warranty plans online at or via their app. A go-to extended warranty provider for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, camera and video gear, headphones and speakers, TV and home theater equipment, and video gaming systems, policies are now also available for household appliances.

Major Appliance Warranty Coverage

Upsie’s growing range of extended warranties now covers all major appliances. This includes:
  • Refrigerator warranty
  • Freezer warranty
  • Washer warranty
  • Dryer warranty
  • Dishwasher warranty
  • Range oven warranty
  • Wall oven warranty
  • Cooktop warranty
  • Built-in microwave warranty
  • Wine cooler warranty
Appliance warranty plans are available for products from all major manufacturers, including Electrolux, GE, LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool. By choosing Upsie, customers are protecting their appliances from almost all eventualities, including manufacturer defects, mechanical failures, heating and cooling issues, drainage problems, internal leaks, and more.
Eligibility extends to any major appliance bought in the last 11 months. Also available to buy right away, instead of purchasing costly extended appliance warranties offered by manufacturers and retailers, consumers can save up to 70% by using Upsie instead.
Upsie is able to offer discounts of more than two-thirds compared to the competition by cutting out the middleman. Furthermore, activating an Upsie warranty is easy – simply upload a picture or copy of an appliance’s receipt to the app or website.

Small Appliance Extended Warranties

Upsie also covers small appliances. Eligibility is limited to items purchased in the last 60 days for over two dozen small appliance including:
  • Food processors
  • Countertop microwaves
  • Pressure cookers
  • Mixers
  • Blenders
  • Juicers
  • Toasters
  • Electric kettles
  • Ice machines
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Irons
  • Cooling fans
  • Air purifiers
  • Coffee, bread, pasta, and ice cream makers
Unlimited claims are permitted up to the purchase price of any appliance. Better yet, if Upsie can’t repair a faulty item, they will replace it at no extra cost. The same goes for both small and major appliances. Best of all, there’s no deductible to pay when making a claim on any appliance covered by an Upsie policy.

Why Upsie’s Warranties Are the Most Reliable

Few pieces of equipment in life are as important as key household appliances. Used day in and day out for keeping food fresh, preparing meals, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and more, having essential appliances out of action can be a nightmare. Upsie recognizes the importance of genuinely dependable appliance warranties and, as such, makes reliability a priority.
If an appliance stops working or otherwise becomes faulty, Upsie customers can start a claim on the Upsie platform or by calling the company’s 24/7/365 U.S.-based claim center directly. A real person will then immediately take up the case. For major appliance claims, once approved, they’ll schedule and send a certified repair technician to your home for on-site repairs as soon as possible.
Customers can bring their small appliance to a certified local repair shop. Alternatively, free two-day, round-trip shipping to Upsie’s central repair facility can be arranged for small appliances.
All of this comes with no service charges and no deductibles. All parts and labor are covered in full, too. Above all, if the cost of repair isn’t feasible or an appliance can’t be repaired, it’ll be replaced free of charge. Upsie’s appliance warranty policies also start on day one, meaning that there’s never a lapse in coverage or a delay in making a claim.

A Word From Upsie’s Founder

“At Upsie, we understand that people are busy; they don’t have time to sit on hold for hours and can’t afford to wait weeks for a repair,” says Upsie’s founder, Clarence Bethea. “We’ve streamlined the entire process so many products can be quickly repaired and back in customers’ hands on the same day.”
With that, Clarence and the entire Upsie team have worked hard to create an extended warranty experience for customers that’s not only affordable but is also straightforward and—crucially—wholly reliable. “For the entire Upsie team, it’s about putting consumers first,” he adds.

Choose Upsie and Save up to 70%

To secure the most reliable appliance extended warranties while also saving up to 70%, choose Upsie. View appliance plans at
Whichever option you choose, there’s a simple, intuitive interface for browsing, comparing and buying warranty plans for thousands of products. Via the Upsie app, barcode scanning and search features even allow users to compare and buy warranties while shopping, whether in-store or online.

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