Dirt Devil Versus Bissell: The Ultimate Vacuum Showdown

A dependable vacuum cleaner is a must-have household item. Options abound for investing in quality vacuums, but two brands, in particular, stand out. Dirt Devil’s eye-catching red vacuums are worth considering, as are the Bissell products designed to accommodate pet lovers. Keep reading see a comparison between Dirt Devil versus Bissell — and the best products they’ve brought to market.

Top Options From Bissell

For generations, people have depended on Bissell products to keep their floors clean. These tools are particularly valued by those with dogs and cats. These four-legged friends leave behind clumps of fur that can otherwise be difficult to remove.
With several different pet-centric vacuum cleaners available, consumers have every tool at their disposal to pick up after their pets. Those without a canine or feline companion also depend on Bissell vacuums to suck up spills, dirt, and other debris. Top options for both lifestyles include:

The Best for Pet Hair: Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus

Bissell is serious about pets, as evidenced by the Bissell Pet Foundation. This charity supports animal welfare causes throughout the country. Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus is one of the best vacuums for cleaning up pet fur. At $247, it’s a pricey option — but it’s loaded with helpful features that make it well worth the cost. Meanwhile, its lightweight design makes it easy for a variety of people to operate.

The Best Robotic Vacuum: SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum

Take a break from the DIY work ethic and let the SpinWave clean up instead. Perfect for both carpet and hardwood or tile floors, it can handle spills and dirt throughout the entire house. It’s smart enough to know when it’s in wet mopping mode — and powerful enough to suck up any spills. At $399, it’s competitively priced with other robot vacuum cleaners.

The Best Cordless Vacuum: CrossWave Cordless Max Multi-Surface Vacuum

Any spill on any surface is no match for the CrossWave. This extremely versatile vacuum is a top seller. With this tool, it’s possible to vacuum for a full half-hour without a charge. This provides more than enough time to get every cleaning chore done. The CrossWave costs $399 — and it’s worth every penny.

Dirt Devil

An instant hit in the 1980s, the Dirt Devil name has long been synonymous with portable cleaning power. The modern Dirt Devil lineup consists of lightweight, mobile vacuum cleaners that can clean surfaces both high and low. In addition, every model is affordable, making the company a hit with price-conscious homeowners and renters who love to tidy up on a budget. Favorite Dirt Devil models include:

The Best for Pet Hair: Power Max Rewind Pet

Featuring a 25-foot retractable cord and plenty of suction power, this $95 vacuum is ideal for picking up after pets. While it can certainly get the job done with other tasks, the included pet brush-roll makes the Power Max Rewind a must-own for animal lovers.

The Best Cordless Vacuum: Versa Cordless 3-in-1

Utilizing a 16V lithium battery, the Versa is small and wonderfully lightweight. It’s also capable of capturing dirt in hard-to-reach places. In addition, this model is versatile enough to handle all surfaces, ranging from shaggy carpets to hardwood floors. For just $85, it’s a fantastic bargain.

The Best Small Vacuum: Quick Flip Cordless Hand Vacuum

Anyone who remembers the old Dustbuster will love this device, which arguably can be considered its spiritual successor. It’s got plenty of sucking power thanks to the 8V battery. Also, the Quick Flip crevice tool can reach all the dirt, dust, and other junk stuck in between the couch cushions.

Upsie Warranties for Dirt Devil and Bissell Vacuums

Both Dirt Devil and Bissell offer great options to clean your home. However, all appliances are vulnerable to damage. To protect vacuums and numerous other appliances, pair them with an Upsie appliance extended warranty. Upsie’s warranties offer affordable and comprehensive coverage. In addition, customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the appliance without a deductible.
Customers can purchase an extended warranty for small appliances bought within the last 60 days.

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