Four Vacuum Tips For a Cleaner Home

Using a vacuum cleaner is a largely straightforward process. Vacuuming effectively, however, can be an entirely different matter. What many people fail to realize is that there’s more to the task than simply pushing a vacuum cleaner around a room. In truth, a cleaner home relies on a few important considerations when vacuuming.
Thankfully, getting a better clean with any vacuum can be as simple as following just four easy tips and tricks. Let’s start with adjusting one or more basic settings.

Tip #1: Adjust Your Vacuum for a Cleaner Home

Almost every vacuum cleaner will have one or more settings designed to promote greater efficacy across a range of different applications. For example, variable height and other pile settings are basic adjustments made in seconds that can massively improve any vacuum cleaner’s ability to perform. With that, be sure to set up your vacuum cleaner properly before each use.
Also remember to adjust accordingly between rooms, as appropriate. The top cordless vacuum cleaners, like the Dyson V11 and the Shark Rocket Pet, each allow owners to dial in a variety of different options for the greatest possible clean. Even cheaper alternatives, such as the sub-$100 Moosoo M X6, can be adjusted to be at their very best across hard surfaces, mid-pile carpets, and more.

Tip #2: Keep Your Vacuum’s Filters Clean

All vacuum cleaners will have at least one built-in filter, with many now boasting two, three, or more in total. Keeping these clean is essential for a number of reasons. For starters, dirty and otherwise blocked filters can cause a huge reduction in performance over time. Poorly maintained filters are also a leading cause of unwanted odors, both during and after cleaning.
Be sure to check your vacuum cleaner’s instruction manual for further details of its specific built-in filtration provisions. Some filters can be cleaned by hand, while others must be replaced periodically to provide optimum overall performance. In fact, maintenance such as this, and ongoing care in general, is crucial as far as prolonging the life of any vacuum, above and beyond simply facilitating a cleaner home.
An extended appliance warranty is also a great idea, helping to safeguard against manufacturer defects, mechanical faults, power failures, and all manner of other eventualities. A choice of comprehensive and affordable two- and three-year vacuum cleaner warranty packages are available from Upsie. Benefits include fast, free, local repairs and unlimited claims up to the original purchase price of any vacuum cleaner.

Tip #3: Vacuum Last When Cleaning Your Home

When it comes to achieving a cleaner home, one of the biggest mistakes people make is vacuuming at the wrong point in the broader cleaning process. In almost every instance, vacuuming should be the final step after tidying, dusting, and all other chores.
That’s because these chores invariably kick up dust, pollen, dander, dirt, lint, and more from around the home. Despite anyone’s best efforts to use dusters, microfiber cloths, and similar, some of this then invariably ends up on the floor. By waiting until all other cleaning jobs have been completed before vacuuming, any mess caused in the process is then dealt with at the very end.
If a vacuum cleaner is used and then put away prior to this point, those bits of dust, dirt, lint, and suchlike will potentially remain there until the next time a home is cleaned. It’s for the same reason that you should save mopping until last when cleaning rooms with hard floors.

Tip #4: Upgrade or Replace As Necessary

There will invariably come a time when any vacuum cleaner needs to be upgraded or replaced. With older models, it may no longer be cost-effective to keep replacing worn-out parts. At the same time, consumable products like filters may become harder and harder to track down. With that, a vacuum cleaner becomes less and less effective in keeping your home spotlessly clean.
Growing families, too, often find themselves needing to upgrade. Kids and pets are often some of the messiest members of our households. So having a vacuum cleaner that can keep up with them, in particular, is a must.
When purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, remember to pick up an extended warranty at the same time. However, don’t feel pressured into paying over the odds for a policy sold by a manufacturer or retailer. As far as vacuum tips go, choosing Upsie is the best one. Upsie plans save up to 70 percent by cutting out the middleman.
Policies are available for vacuum cleaners from all major brands, including Bissell, Dirt Devil, Dyson, Electrolux, Hoover, Samsung, and Shark. All plans cost significantly less than the cost of coverage sold elsewhere. With no fees to pay in the event of a claim, parts and labor are covered in full. Furthermore, if a faulty vacuum cleaner cannot be repaired on the first claim, or it’s not economical to do so, Upsie will replace it at no extra cost.

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