Is a Dishwasher Extended Warranty Worth It?

Dishwashers are a fairly popular appliance. According to Gizmodo, just about 75% of all American households have one. In contrast, about 95% of all American homes have microwaves and refrigerators. While some people don’t think of dishwashers as kitchen necessities, a lot of households rely on them to save time and sterilize dishes in much hotter water than people use when they wash dishes by hand. A dishwasher extended warranty will make sure that your dishwasher keeps cleaning dishes properly for years down the road.

How Much Do People Spend on Dishwashers?

HomeAdvisor found that the average person spends $970 to buy and install a new dishwasher. This figure can range from as little as $370 to as much as $3,500. People who spend the most usually need to install a dishwasher for the first time, so they incur additional charges from plumbers or electricians. They may even need to replace their cabinets or counters.

How Much Does a Dishwasher Cost to Fix?

Typically, dishwashers last about a decade, though the life expectancy depends a lot upon model, usage, and maintenance. As for maintenance, an extended warranty can help maximize the useful life of appliances by making at-home service calls convenient and affordable. This encourages owners to call for repairs of minor problems before they turn into large ones.
In the past, Upsie found that dishwashers generally cost between $160 to $300 to repair. Of course, repair costs can vary considerably, depending upon the problem, the model, or even the location.
Some common problems with dishwashers include:
  • The dishwasher cycle won’t start.
  • The dishwasher either won’t fill with water or will overfill.
  • Water either leaks from the dishwasher or won’t drain.
  • The door fails to latch properly.
  • The unit makes loud noises.

Why Buy a Dishwasher Extended Warranty?

Dishwashers will come with a short-term manufacturer warranty. Manufacturers provide these warranties to ensure that the dishwasher arrives in the home free from manufacturing defects or damage. However, they usually only last one year, so they’re not meant to cover the appliance during its typical lifespan.
If an extended warranty provides reliable, in-home service and costs less than the price of even one repair, it should provide a good value to homeowners. By purchasing an extended warranty after buying the appliance, customers won’t have to worry about budgeting for unexpected problems.

Where to Buy a Dishwasher Extended Warranty?

Most dishwasher retailers offer to sell extended warranties at the time of sale. Customers don’t need to purchase this coverage and in fact, should take the time to compare warranty details to ensure they enjoy the best value. Instead of selling warranties as an up-sell or afterthought, Upsie only focuses on the warranty business.
Most people find that Upsie extended warranties for appliances provide them with a more affordable, flexible, and convenient option than in-store warranties. As an example, many in-store warranties require service from only their own service center.
Even better, Upsie gives their customers up to 11 months after buying their dishwasher to purchase a warranty, so nobody has to feel pressured to make a decision about buying a warranty at the same time they’re getting their new dishwasher installed. Many customers rely upon the initial manufacturer warranty the first year, and when that ends, Upsie takes over.
Upsie offers in-home service from certified, local service centers. Their customers also know they can rely upon 24/7 service to start their claim and repair process. Upsie warranties cover mechanical, power, and drain failures, plus heating and cooling issues.
In addition, Upsie customers get in-home repairs:
  • Without paying deductibles
  • With no parts, labor, or services charges
Better yet, Upsie charges less for their warranties than most of their competitors. To start comparing Upsie dishwasher warranties, simply answer three questions on an online form. Customers love Upsie because they can see transparent plans and pricing online, buy their warranty on their computer or phone, and call anytime for service.

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