How to Clean a Blender of Any Brand

It’s important to keep your small kitchen appliances clean for both health and maintenance reasons. For example, a clean blender will not only create better-tasting smoothies and drinks, but it can also lengthen its life span. However, it’s tricky to clean a blender. They have many moving parts, and not all blenders are dishwasher safe. So how do you keep everything from the base to the container, lid, and blades clean?

Are Blenders Dishwasher Safe?

Throwing your blender’s container, lid, and blade in the dishwasher may seem like the easiest way to clean your blender. However, depending on your blender, washing it in the dishwasher can damage it over time. Before you put your blender in the dishwasher, check your owner’s manual to verify it’s dishwasher safe. Some dishwasher-safe blenders may only be able to go on the top rack of your dishwasher.
For example, Vitamix makes some of the most popular blenders on the market, but is a Vitamix blender dishwasher safe? Unfortunately, most of them aren’t! Only the S-series 20-ounce and 40-ounce models are top-rack dishwashers safe. So every other Vitamix blender should stay out of your dishwasher. On the other hand, most Ninja blenders are dishwasher safe. So you can put the container, lid, blade, and other components right in the dishwasher to make cleaning up a breeze.

Cleaning a Blender

The best way to learn how to clean your blender is to check the owner’s manual. Every blender is a little different, and the manual can tell you if it’s dishwasher safe and the best process to clean it. Some blenders also have a “Clean” setting where you add soapy water and let your blender do the work. However, if you don’t have your owner’s manual and aren’t sure if your blender is dishwasher safe, the following three steps are a great way to clean a blender:
  • Fill the container halfway with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap.
  • Place the lid on and blend the soapy water mix on the pulse for about 30 seconds. Afterward, check that the sides are clean. If they aren’t, pulse for another 30 seconds.
  • Dump out the soapy water and rinse the blender.
You also need to keep the base clean to ensure the motor is maintained and it looks nice. But you can’t submerge the base in water. You can, however, wipe it down with a wet paper towel and some dish soap or a diluted vinegar mix.

How to Clean a Vitamix Blender

If you have a Vitamix blender, you should know Vitamix’s preferred cleaning process. These easy steps will keep your Vitamix clean and functional for years to come, so you can keep enjoying delicious blended drinks.
If your Vitamix does not have a “Clean” setting, here’s how to clean a Vitamix:
  • First, rinse the container with warm water after use.
  • Next, fill the container halfway with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap.
  • Put on the lid and ensure it’s in the locked position.
  • Start the machine on Variable 1, slowly increase to Variable 10, and switch to High.
  • Leave it blending on High for 30-60 seconds.
  • Pour out the contents, rinse with warm water, and then leave it upside down to dry.
If your Vitamix does have a “Clean” present, follow the steps 1-3 above and then:
  • Select “Clean” and turn the machine on.
  • Your blender will turn off automatically when it is done.
  • Empty the contents and rinse thoroughly. Then turn it upside down and leave it out to dry.

Small Appliance Warranty

Cleaning and maintaining your blender is one of the best ways to extend its life. However, even the most pristine blender can break. Purchasing an extended warranty is the best way to provide full protection for your blender.
Upsie has small appliance warranties for every blender, whether it’s from Vitamix, KitchenAid, or Ninja. If your blender is enrolled in an Upsie extended warranty and experiences power or mechanical failure, Upsie will cover the cost of its repair or replacement. In addition, Upsie plans are so affordable that they save customers up to 70% compared to retail stores. For example, purchasing a warranty plan for a $119.99 Ninja Professional Plus blender with Auto IQ would cost $14.99 for two years of coverage or $27.99 for three years, with no deductible!
If you ever have to submit a claim, you can call Upsie's claims center 24-7-365 to speak to a customer service representative, or fill out the online form. Upsie will help you schedule a repair with a local certified technician so you get your blender back ASAP.
Cleaning your blender is crucial, but take your blender protection further with an affordable Upsie extended warranty.

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