How to Organize Small Kitchen Appliances

Small appliances are valuable additions to the kitchen, including air fryers and ice makers. However, numerous small appliances can make a kitchen feel cluttered and leave little counter space for food preparation. You can optimize your kitchen space with a little organization while keeping your favorite appliances. Here are five tips to organize kitchen appliances.

1. Put Away What You Don’t Use Daily

The first step to organizing your kitchen appliances is to figure out what you use daily. You might need to keep things like your coffee maker or toaster on your counter for easy access, but your slow cooker might not need to stay on your counter. Keep what you use daily on your counter or somewhere you can easily access it, and store the appliances you rarely use in a cabinet or closet.

2. Throwout Appliances You Don’t Use

When you purchase a new appliance, it’s easy to shove the old one in the back of a cabinet and forget about it. Instead, save space by donating or recycling duplicate appliances you don’t use. By getting rid of secondary devices you don’t use, you’ll make more room to organize kitchen appliances that you can’t imagine cooking without. But remember, just because you don’t use them doesn’t mean someone else can’t. So instead of just throwing old appliances in the trash, consider donating or recycling them.

3. Use Cabinet Organizers and Pull-out Shelves

Some cabinets aren’t designed for optimized storage. However, many products for sale will allow you to fit even more into your kitchen cabinets. You’ll free up cabinet space for your larger appliances by storing more things in one cabinet.
Another popular organization solution is pull-out shelves, which you can install into your under-counter cabinets. Pull-out shelves are perfect for neatly storing and easily accessing your small appliances. They eliminate the need to dig through your cupboards to find an appliance and make it much easier to take out and put away your small appliance.

4. Purchase a Cart or Appliance Stand

An appliance cart or stand can be a huge space-saver if you have space in your kitchen or nearby room and are must-haves for small kitchens with little cabinet space. They come in all shapes and sizes, and basic ones can be purchased for less than $100. Put your favorite appliances on the cart for convenient access and save your cabinet space for food and dishware.

5. Install Floating Shelves to Organize Appliances

Floating shelves are a stylish storage solution you can purchase from most major home retailers, including Amazon. Many styles and sizes are available and can make for a cute and helpful addition to your kitchen. If you purchase floating shelves, figure out what you will put on them before you buy them and make sure they can withstand the weight. Also, follow the installation instructions to ensure your shelves are secure before adding anything to them.

Kitchen Appliance Warranty

Proper storage is important for maintaining and protecting your favorite small appliances. However, kitchen appliances are still prone to mechanical defects, and you may be severely limited in what you can cook if they break. If a large appliance like your refrigerator or oven breaks, your kitchen may become useless.
An extended warranty is the best way to protect your kitchen appliances past the manufacturer’s warranty. When purchasing a new appliance, the retailer will probably try to sell you their extended warranty plan, but you’ll probably be blown away by the price. Retailer’s extended warranties tend to be overpriced and not worth the coverage they offer.
Luckily, Upsie has affordable and comprehensive coverage for kitchen appliances, both large and small. Whether you’re purchasing a new fridge or a new microwave, Upsie has an extended warranty plan that will suit your needs and budget. Upsie offers 2-year and 3-year plans for small appliances and 3-year and 5-year plans for large appliances.
Customers can submit a claim 24/7/365, and one of Upsie’s dedicated customer service representatives will help get your device repaired. Take your small appliance to a local certified repair technician and schedule in-home repairs for your larger appliances. Upsie makes kitchen appliance warranties more affordable, customer-friendly, and convenient for cooks of all expertise.

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