The Best KitchenAid Mixer Warranty Plan

KitchenAid produces some of the best stand mixers on the market. Their mixing abilities and the range of attachments that can do things such as shaving ice and spiralizing vegetables will satisfy any home chef. Stand mixers, such as a KitchenAid, can become integral to any kitchen, so it’s critical that they’re protected. Cleaning and maintenance are important, but having a KitchenAid mixer warranty is a good idea to ensure it keeps working for years.

KitchenAid Limited Warranty

KitchenAid mixers come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty. Always familiarize yourself with the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty after purchase so you know if your device malfunction will be covered.
The KitchenAid manufacturer’s warranty lasts one year from the purchase date. If your mixer fails to work as intended during that time, you can choose to have KitchenAid pay for a replacement or the repair cost to correct the defect. KitchenAid will not cover damage that resulted from use in a situation other than normal single-family use or is due to accident, alteration, misuse, or abuse.

Benefits of a KitchenAid Extended Warranty

Limited warranties ensure you get your money’s worth in the form of a fully functional mixer out of the box. However, they don’t last forever. After investing in a nice KitchenAid, you’ll want it to last for years. Yet defects can happen at any time, including after the limited warranty expires. And if your mixer does break, you’ll be responsible for paying for the repair or replacement.
An Upsie extended warranty allows you to pay a small fee upfront so you won’t have to pay for repairs or replacements later. Therefore, it can save you money in the long run. The only con to purchasing an extended warranty is if you don’t need it. However, many people find that the peace of mind extended warranties provide is worth the small price, even if they never end up using it.

Where to Purchase a KitchenAid Mixer Warranty

Most major retailers that sell KitchenAid mixers offer an extended warranty plan. However, not all extended warranty plans are the same. They vary in price, length, and coverage. KitchenAid offers its own warranty plan that covers the cost of repairs done with factory-certified parts by factory-certified technicians. For example, customers who purchase the Classic 4.5-quart Tilt-Head mixer can choose between a 1-year plan for $16.95, a 3-year plan for $42.95, or a 5-year plan for $63.95.
BestBuy also offers a protection plan and charges $59.99 for two years of coverage for the same mixer. Many other retailers who sell KitchenAid mixers will have warranty plans, but we recommend skipping them due to high prices. It’s important to research before investing in an extended warranty to ensure you get the best plan possible without spending extraneous amounts of money.

Upsie KitchenAid Warranty

Upsie has the best KitchenAid mixer warranty with affordable prices, comprehensive coverage, fantastic customer service, and convenient repairs. For the Classic 4.5-quart Tilt-Head mixer, Upsie offers two years of coverage for $32.99 or three years for $56.99 with no deductible. Under these plans, your KitchenAid will be covered for mechanical or manufacturing defects. Additionally, you can enroll your mixer up to 60 days after the purchase date.
Upsie’s prices may be slightly higher than KitchenAid’s, but its claims process is much easier. If your mixer breaks, you can conveniently file a claim by filling out the online form or calling Upsie's claims center, which is open 24-7-365. In addition, no matter when your device breaks, you can call the claims center to speak with a dedicated customer service representative.
Once your claim is approved, you can schedule to have your mixer repaired by a local certified technician. This convenient option will help you repair your appliance quickly so you can get back to cooking. Or you can send it to Upsie’s repair center with free 2-day round trip shipping. Upsie’s repair process is designed to work around your schedule.
Keep cooking your favorite dishes with total peace of mind with an Upsie KitchenAid mixer warranty.

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