KitchenAid Versus LG Dishwashers

Shopping for new appliances is exciting but also overwhelming. It seems like there are hundreds of brands that produce major appliances like dishwashers, so how do you know which one to choose? In this article, we’ll compare KitchenAid and LG dishwashers to see which offers the most value for your kitchen!

KitchenAid Dishwashers

For many people, the name KitchenAid is synonymous with the famous stand mixers. But KitchenAid also creates major appliances as well. They have three main types of dishwashers: FreeFlex Third Rack, Third Level Utensil Rack, and Two Rack dishwashers.
KitchenAid has about 18 dishwashers, with their most affordable product starting at $1049. This is a two-rack dishwasher with an adjustable upper rack that is 47 dba and Energy Star certified. KitchenAid’s most expensive model is $2149, so their price range is small, with no option under $1000.
The price rises as the dishwashers get quieter and with the addition of a third rack. The most expensive models are equipped with the FreeFlex Third rack, which can hold cups and bowls in addition to utensils.
In the middle of that price range are models with third-level utensil racks. These dishwashers are equipped with ProWash technology, which allows the dishwasher to sense the soil level of each load to adjust the wash cycle and water temperature appropriately.
KitchenAid also has some nice panel-ready dishwasher options so that your dishwasher can seamlessly blend into your cabinets. However, KitchenAid offers no dishwashers with WiFi connectivity, which is abnormal considering their prices.

LG Dishwashers

LG is another reliable dishwasher brand. Their product differs from KitchenAid in price and features. For example, LG offers much more affordable options, with dishwashers starting at $749. Their most expensive model is $1899.
Many of LG’s models have third racks, starting with models that cost $899. However, their third racks are only suitable for utensils and aren’t large enough for cups and bowls.
One of LG’s dishwasher strengths is its WiFi connectivity. Starting at $849, you can purchase a dishwasher that can be controlled via LG’s ThinQ app, where you can control and monitor your dishwasher.
LG dishwashers are pretty quiet, with their noisiest machines sitting around 48 dba and their quietest model at 38 dba. They also have fantastic cleaning technology. All LG dishwashers are equipped with TrueStream and QuadWash. TruesSteam is a steam cycle that helps loosen food and grime before starting the wash cycle. QuadWash uses four spray arms instead of the standard two, so the water reaches even more areas of your dishes.


LG and KitchenAid dishwashers both have their strengths.
KitchenAid offers larger third rack options and panel-ready products, but their machines are expensive and don’t have smart features. LG, on the other hand, has more affordable machines, products with WiFi connectivity, and a better cleaning cycle.
Overall, LG seems to win in the KitchenAid versus LG dishwasher debate. Their dishwashers have better value, with more key features like WiFi connectivity and cleaning technology. In addition, you’ll still get plenty of storage with LG’s third rack models. Their only major drawback is they do not have panel-ready dishwashers like KitchenAid.

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