Neato D10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Review

Robot vacuums have long been designed primarily for apartments and smaller homes, but not the Neato D10, according to its maker. Instead, the all-new D10 from Neato Robotics is designed firmly with large homes in mind. Promising ultra-performance for the ultimate clean, it comes at a substantial cost.
However, savings of over 35 percent are possible, bringing the Neato D10 into line with more affordable best-sellers already on the market. So, with or without significant savings, does Neato Robotics’ latest $800 intelligent robot vacuum live up to the manufacturer’s promises? Let’s take a closer look.

Neato D10 Price

Straight off the bat, the biggest issue with the all-new Neato D10 is its $800 MSRP. Yet, despite being an almost brand-new model, manufacturer Neato Robotics is already offering discounts of over 35 percent. As a result, buyers can currently pick up the intelligent robot vacuum for a penny under $500.
The Neato D10 costs $800, which is not far behind the iRobot Roomba S9 Plus. Largely deemed today’s premier robot vacuum cleaner, the self-emptying Roomba S9 Plus both promises and delivers more than the D10 from Neato. Ultimately, it’s a hands-off vacuuming solution that’s generally regarded to be worthy of its $1,000 price tag.
By contrast, the Neato D10 feels much better suited to its current $499.99 cost. At just under $500, it’s priced more in line with other mid-range robot vacuums from competing manufacturers.

Neato D10 Features

The Neato D10 is nothing if not feature-packed. While it lacks some of the functionality of costlier Roomba models, it boasts many of the perks of other similarly priced robot vacuums and then some. Among the highlights are Neato’s deepest-ever clean and a unique focus on privacy.

Neato’s Deepest-Ever Clean

The Neato D10 promises a clean that’s up to 60 percent better than with previous models. Like other mid-range robot vacuum cleaners, the D10 from Neato Robotics comes with a HEPA filter – great for those with allergies. And it doesn’t just promise a deep clean, it also boasts the ability to cover large areas quickly, all without any loss of suction.
As a result, manufacturer Neato Robotics claims that the D10 will cover a space measuring over 2,700 square feet on a single charge. That’s especially good news for those with larger homes. Furthermore, there’s no need to worry that the vacuum is rushing its chores, either.
That’s because, in its most energy-efficient mode, the robot vacuum will run for a straight five hours before it needs more power. Then, when it does eventually need charging, it’ll do so automatically before returning to work as necessary.

A Unique Focus On Privacy

Many of the latest and most cutting-edge robot vacuums rely on cameras and microphones to go about their business. Such additions have led to some concerns surrounding privacy. However, the Neato D10 bucks this trend, opting not to record any audio or images. Instead, it uses lasers, light detection, and ranging to navigate.
And, while the Neato D10 is internet-connected, it employs state-of-art encryption both onboard and in the cloud. This keeps any necessary data safe and secure. Manufacturer Neato Robotics also promises not to share any of the information that its robot vacuums collect outside of the company.

Neato D10 Compromises

One of the biggest selling points of certain mid-range and high-end robot vacuums is their self-emptying abilities. The Neato D10 lacks such functionality, which, at its full price of $800, is impossible to overlook. That said, its dust bin is among the biggest out there at roughly 15 percent larger than the bins found on most comparable models. This way you shouldn’t have to empty it too often.

Limited Warranty

The costly D10 also gets just a one-year limited warranty – the minimum required of manufacturer Neato. Buyers can, however, upgrade to three years of coverage with an extended appliance warranty from Upsie. Comprehensive, affordable, and easy to understand, Upsie’s small appliance warranty solutions are routinely up to 70 percent more affordable than those sold elsewhere.
Benefits include complete coverage in the event of manufacturing defects, mechanical faults, and other failures. That’s in addition to no deductible and no service fees on extended robot vacuum warranty policies. All policies are fully transferable, too, and claims are unlimited up to an appliance’s purchase price.

MyNeato Smartphone App

While the Neato D10’s accompanying MyNeato smartphone app promises plenty of functionality, it’s not as user-friendly as the likes of iRobot Home. Conveniently, you can program different routines via the MyNeato app, or let it clean on its own. Either way, the intelligent D10’s results are impressive, particularly over larger areas.

The Verdict

At under $500, the D10 from Neato is a compelling option. Still, whether at $500 or $800, there are plenty of alternatives available. Perhaps the Neato D10’s most significant selling point is that it’s designed for large homes. So, for those with bigger properties, it could very well be the pick of the bunch, particularly at today’s $499.99 price.
Feedback for the intelligent robot vacuum is mixed, but it is still new. Overall, though, most customer testimonials are positive – but only at the Neato D10’s currently reduced sub-$500 cost. With that, and at a full price of closer to $1,000, there’s little doubt that there are stronger options out there.

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