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A lot of consumers associate LG with electronic devices such as phones and TV sets. However, the company also produces a full line of larger appliances. Some examples include smart, connected laundry machines, dishwashers, and stoves. Even more, these WiFi-enabled home appliances provide intelligent features that can help people use them more efficiently. Learn about some of the most popular and innovative LG appliances and then find out how to ensure they keep working with an LG appliance warranty.

The LG Smart Fridge

An example, consider LG’s connected refrigerator. CNET called the LG InstaView a “pandemic-minded pick for an upgrade.” For one thing, a glass window on the door will light up to show what’s behind it. That means that people can stand in front of the fridge and stare at the food without having to open the door and waste electricity.
Even better, the latest model will open its doors via voice commands, and when dispensing drinks, the fridge will turn on a UV light to sanitize them. The low-contact and germ-reduction approach should appeal to pandemic-minded consumers.

LG’s New WashTower Landry Washer and Dryer

CNET also approved of LG’s WashTower, which comes as a washer dryer stacked together to take up less horizontal space. Embedded in one frame, the dryer sits over the washer. Because of its design, LG says the WashTower smart laundry machine duo measures over four inches lower than competitive stacked laundry units. Still, both the washer and dryer have a generous load capacity.
Of course, LG didn’t just combine the washer and dryer to save space. They also connected the two devices to allow them to work together. For instance, the dryer will preheat near the end of the laundry cycle. Also, the unit can predict the completion time of the entire load. Most of all, the machines can use sensors to make the best selections for cycle options. This feature can help conserve power and preserve clothes.

What’s The Best Extended Warranty for LG Appliances?

LG has earned a reputation for delivering innovative products at competitive prices. It’s true that these smart appliances provide plenty of features to make them cheaper, easier, safer, and even more fun to use. Still, these new capabilities make appliances a lot more complex, with a combination of many mechanical, electric, and electronic components. More complex parts increase the chance of experiencing problems at some point.
At the same time, families rely upon their home appliances daily to provide them with food and clean laundry. An Upsie LG appliance extended warranty will give appliance owners somebody to rely upon if something does go wrong. For some examples:
  • Upsie charges less than major competitors yet offers robust, comprehensive coverage for mechanical, computer, or power failures, plus heating, cooling, and drain issues.
  • 24-7 claims service by phone or online.
  • Upsie sends certified repair techs to perform in-home repair services for major appliances.
  • Customers have up to 11 months after an appliance purchase to choose between a three- and five-year warranty plan.
Consumers tend to associate the LG brand with quality and innovation at a lower cost than the priciest competitors. Likewise, Upsie delivers an innovative way to purchase the best warranty protection for less money. Customers can view plans and prices, purchase a new warranty and get claims service entirely online. Take some time to research new appliances, and then make the quick, smart choice to protect that appliance with Upsie.

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