The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Features to Know About

Several factors often go into deciding whether it is time to replace an old refrigerator. After all, it’s a large kitchen appliance and financial investment. That makes a choice between repair or replacement a difficult one for homeowners or, in some cases, apartment dwellers. As SFGate states, a good refrigerator can last for years, and it’s a painstaking decision when thinking of replacing one that has served you well.
At some point, though, your manufacturer warranty will have expired, the parts may no longer exist, or repair technology might not cover the old appliance’s needs.
On the other hand, you might feel excited about buying a new refrigerator for your new home. A top-of-the-line modern machine and an extended appliance warranty with maximum coverage will support your family’s needs. You’ll find all that and more with the new Samsung Smart refrigerator known as the Samsung Family Hub.
Are you considering replacing your current refrigerator? If so, keep reading to learn a lot more about this exciting new Samsung Smart appliance.

Samsung Offers a Broad Range of Kitchen Appliances

If you’re new to buying appliances or haven’t bought one in some time, it might come as a surprise that Samsung offers kitchen appliances, in addition to smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions, stereos, and so much more. The electronics giant offerings include stoves and ranges, dishwashers, microwave ovens, and refrigerators. You can even come up with a bundled package if you need everything to get your remodeled or new home’s kitchen up and running.

What Makes the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Special?

In a nutshell, the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator has everything you need and then some. Seriously, you can pretty much do it all from your refrigerator, performing tasks like meal planning, calendar scheduling, and streaming music and videos. CNET has commended the new Samsung refrigerator, stating there’s “finally a Smart refrigerator that feels smart.”
It’s good to see some early good reviews, but you might need to start with a fact-based approach when exploring this new Samsung offering. Let’s take a look at the top features and other information you need to know about the Samsung Family Hub.

The Perfect Fusion of Traditional Refrigeration With Today’s Top Innovations

Samsung doesn’t want your refrigerator to become unrecognizable as a refrigerator. Given all the non-refrigerator features included, that’s a real consideration, and Samsung thought of that too. You’ll still open the doors to see all your favorite food items in a roomy space, but you’ll find so much more. This refrigerator really is the most modern one around and beats out many other Smart fridge contenders today.
But keep in mind, Samsung doesn’t want you to forget that there are traditional elements to this refrigerator, hence the name “Family Hub.” The fridge was designed to encourage and enhance family time in the kitchen. You and your loved ones can prepare dinner together while playing your favorite music or streaming a family film.

Consider the Sleek and Modern Exterior

On the right panel of the French doors, you’ll find a 21.5-inch touchscreen loaded with apps you’d expect in a kitchen and plenty of others that will take you by surprise. You’ll also see an inventory of all your items inside on the panel, thanks to the internal inventory-monitoring cameras. Finally, the attractive black stainless-steel finish is a beautiful and welcome addition to any kitchen.

Samsung Has Built On Traditional Auxiliary Refrigerator Functions

Think of all the times in your life when you’ve slapped a post-it note onto the refrigerator reminding your spouse about a dental appointment or your child to remember to take their lunch from the refrigerator. The refrigerator in homes frequently serves as the nerve center where people write a note or where parents post beautiful drawings from beloved children.
Samsung understands the intrinsic family values embedded in a home’s refrigerator and has infused those values into the Family Hub. The company designed and added apps to bridge the traditional values families love with the convenience and efficiency of appliances of the near-and-current future. You’ll find supportive features that include:
  • A shopping list app.
  • An app for displaying photos and drawings.
  • A whiteboard app to let your children, or yourself, doodle in place or write a reminder note.
  • The app StickiBoard imports everyone’s calendars into a shared family, fridge-based calendar to keep everyone on track.
All these features and apps help maintain normal and everyday refrigerator characteristics.
Keep in mind that these refrigerators are more specialized than ever before and, if you experience any troubles, you’ll want a warranty that has it all covered. Upsie offers warranty options for Samsung refrigerators in a wide range of options and prices:
  • For a $1,500.00-1,999.99 refrigerator, Upsie offers a 3-year warranty for $128.99 and no deductible or a 5-year warranty for $249.99 and no deductible.
  • For a $2,500.00-4,999.99 refrigerator, Upsie offers a 3-year warranty for $163.99 and no deductible or a 5-year warranty for $278.99 and no deductible.
Upsie can help you keep the tradition of owning long-lasting refrigerators with the latest and most innovative models out there. You’ll enjoy fast and simple repair or maintenance service when you need it.

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