The Best Infrared BBQ Grills to Buy in 2021

When it comes to buying outdoor BBQ grills, most people think they just need to choose between gas, electric, or charcoal. However, infrared grills offer yet another option for those considering either an electric or gas BBQ grill.

How Do Infrared Grills Work?

Instead of directly cooking with the heat source under the food, infrared grills have a reflective surface between the flame and the food. The flame heats the surface, and in turn, the surface actually cooks the food. This will produce radiant energy to cook at higher temperatures.
Fans of infrared BBQ grills also say they cook faster, use less fuel, distribute heat more evenly, and produce food that tastes better. Many models also have removable parts that make them relatively easy to clean.

Compare Top Infrared Grills for 2021

On the downside, infrared grills generally cost somewhat more than traditional gas or electric grills with comparable features. Anybody with an interest in this new type of BBQ will want to make certain that they buy a high-quality radiant grill.
Still, paying more may not always ensure a better value. The following comparison between a mid-priced and high-priced model will illustrate that point. With that in mind, look at a couple of the top-rated radiant grills for 2021.

The Char-Broil Commercial With Three Burners

Recently, CNET reviewed one medium-priced infrared grill very positively. The Char-Broil Commercial 3-Burner grill offers a reasonably good experience for about $450. In fact, CNET mentioned that anybody who wanted to spend less than $500 on a radiant grill in 2021 should consider this model.

The Char-Broil SmartChef

As a note, CNET also reviewed the Char-Broil SmartChef grill. This model costs over $800 and interfaces with a mobile app. At the same time, the reviewers did not feel like the smart tech really added much to their cooking experience.
They thought that food prepared on either of these Char-Broil grills tasted better than the same food from a conventional grill. Yet they didn’t think the embedded tech in the SmartChef provided enough value to pay hundreds of dollars more than the price of the Char-Broil Commercial.
Mostly, the reviewers liked the bundled temperature probes that came with the grill. At the same time, it’s possible to buy a stand-alone digital thermometer for about $40, so even that didn’t provide them with enough incentive to suggest paying an extra $400.

Why Consider Protecting an Infrared Grill With an Extended Warranty?

After buying a new grill, lots of people also wonder if they should invest just a little more in a warranty. Extended warranties for grills and other appliances can pay for themselves if something unexpected goes wrong. In general, some of the most expensive parts of grills that people commonly need to replace include the burners and sometimes, the grilling grates. Infrared grills also have radiant surfaces that may suffer from early wear or damage.
Even more than the expense, many people find that it’s difficult and inconvenient to find a qualified service person to make repairs. An Upsie infrared grill warranty can relieve this concern by:
  • Offering 24-7 claims by phone or online
  • Providing local, certified techs or postage-paid repairs by mail
  • Charging no deductible for repairs on appliances
  • Costing less than major warranty competitors and very often, costing less than the price of one repair

How to Buy an Extended Warranty for an Infrared BBQ Grill

Don’t feel pressured to buy an extended warranty at the time of making a purchase. Upsie offers warranties for grills up to 60 days after the sale. Simply visit the grill warranty page, select the brand and price paid, and then view options for a three- or five-year protection plan.
Spend time deciding if infrared BBQ grills provide the best solution for your outdoor cooking. Then choose a high-quality, budget-friendly grill with all the right features. After that, it should take barely any time at all to select an Upsie warranty to make certain the BBQ stays in tip-top shape for many outdoor seasons to come.

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