How Often Should a Lawn Mower be Serviced?

Are you new to home ownership? Or maybe just new to having to mow the lawn yourself? We’ll walk you through the most common question regarding lawn mower service and maintenance so yours lasts as long as possible.

How do you maintain a lawn mower?

Maintaining a lawn mower is painless, as long as you keep up with it. Here is a list of everything that should be done to properly maintain your lawn mower.
  • Change the oil
  • Clean or replace the air filter
  • Treat your fuel
  • Clean your blades (and the whole machine)
  • Change your spark plugs
  • Winterize it
It looks like a long list, but considering you only have to do each item occasionally, it’s fairly easy to get through. Furthermore, if you have a riding lawn mower, you may have a couple extra steps. Check out this great guide on how to maintain your riding lawn mower.

How often should you change your lawn mower air filter?

Most people will need to change their lawn mower air filter one time per season. However, if you have a very large yard, or often mow your neighbors lawns, you may have to change it more frequently. The rule of thumb is that your filter should last for 300 hours of operation.

How often should you change spark plugs in a lawn mower?

Lawn mower spark plugs should be changed according to your lawn mower owners manual, or annually if your manual does not specify. Another good option is to change the spark plugs once the winter season starts so it will be ready to go when Spring arrives.

Is it OK to wash a lawn mower?

Yes, it is absolutely ok to wash your lawn mower. But be careful to avoid electrical components and make sure it dries properly before putting it back into storage. There are multiple video tutorials that you can watch to help you clean yours.

Is it OK to wash a riding lawn mower?

Washing a riding lawn mower is actually encouraged, when done so properly. The Daily Gardener has a great guide and video to help you properly clean yours. Make sure to read the lawn mower service manual and make sure to follow any guidelines that they outline.

How do you clean under a riding lawn mower?

Cleaning under a riding lawn mower can be tricky because it is such a large piece of equipment. In order to clean under your mower, you will need to use a lift to get the front wheels off of the ground. Make sure this is done properly to avoid injury. When the front is securely lifted off the ground, use a hose to rinse the underside and scrub it with an all-purpose detergent. You can let the detergent sit for five to ten minutes before thoroughly rinsing it all off. Allow the lawn mower to dry completely before lowering it back down.

Should I repair or replace my lawn mower?

If your lawn mower is functioning well, do not replace it. After all, most mowers will last seven to ten years! However, not all mowers are manufactured to last that long; if yours is already experiencing issues, it may be time for a replacement.

How do I winterize my lawn mower?

If you want your lawn mower to last as long as possible, make sure to winterize it in the fall. There are three main winterizing steps that everyone should take. First, if you have a gas lawn mower, change the oil and let the mower run for a few minutes so the clean oil coats the internal parts. Second, either drain the gas or fill it up completely and add fuel stabilizer. Different manufacturers recommend different things, so make sure to read your owner’s manual and follow the recommended storage method. Lastly, store your lawn mower in a dry, secure place so nothing damages it.

Should I get an extended warranty for my mower?

What is the manufacturer warranty on your lawn mower? If it is two-years or less, you should get an extended warranty from Upsie. On the other hand, if your manufacturer warranty is for three or more years, you probably do not need an extended warranty. There are other factors to help you decide if you should purchase a lawn mower extended warranty, as well, such as type of lawn mower, purchase price and more.

How does a lawn mower protection plan protect me from unexpected issues?

Aren’t all issues with tools, like a lawn mower, unexpected? Protection plans like Upsie extend the manufacturer warranty coverage so your lawn mower is protected for longer. This way, when something suddenly malfunctions, you can simply make a claim with Upsie rather than having to locate a repair service and pay for it out of pocket.

What is the claims process like?

The lawn mower claims process starts with a quick phone call. An Upsie representative will walk you through the claims process and even set up an appointment for a repair technician to come to your home. If your lawn mower was purchased for less than $500, Upsie will simply issue you a replacement. How great is that?
If you follow the tips outlined in this article, your lawn mower will be functioning smoothly for years. Happy mowing!

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