How to Buy the Best BBQ Smoker Grill

Many people still picture a charcoal grill when somebody mentions a BBQ. Charcoal remains a popular choice for grilling food outdoors, but typical charcoal grills make smoking difficult. Specially designed smokers might use charcoal. Other smokers use pellets, wood, and even electricity as sources of smoke and heat. Smokers are a popular way for grilling fanatics to add a smokey flavor to their BBQ dinner.

Can Outdoor Chefs Use a BBQ Grill to Smoke Food?

Charcoal produces both heat and smoke. The problem is that the food rests right above the heat inside of a typical grill. On the other hand, smoking requires a low-and-slow technique.
Some outdoor cooks do use larger grills to smoke food. They just need to pile the charcoal on one end and the food on the other one. Most find it a fiddly and inefficient process. Dedicated smokers will offer more simplicity and precision.

What Kinds of Smokers Work the Best?

When outdoor cooks want to take their smoking game to the next level, they will find plenty of options. Some popular dedicated smokers:

Kamado Cooker

According to The Spruce Eats, Americans discovered Kamado cookers in Japan after World War II. The Big Green Egg company helped popularize this style of BBQ smoker grill in the United States, though other companies make them too.
Also used as grills, Kamado smokers include a baffle that shields the food against direct heat and lets it cook slowly. Although these smokers are traditionally made from ceramic, there is at least one company that has an insulated metal version. The metal requires more care than ceramic, but it usually offers a tighter seal and even better insulation.

Offset BB Smoker Grill

This two-part BBQ smoker grill comes with a long chamber and an attached firebox. Typically, the smoke and heat from the firebox travel through the main chamber to cook the food and then exit out of a smokestack at the far end.
A high-quality offset BBQ smoker grill like this may function very well. At the same time, the design usually means a big temperature difference between the end nearest the firebox and the far end. Some offset smokers force the energy and smoke through the bottom of the grill, so it must travel back towards the firebox as it cooks the food. It then exits through a smokestack next to the firebox.
This design change reduces the temperature difference. The best offset smokers also need tight seals to improve efficiency.

Pellet BBQ Smoker Grill

Pellet BBQ smokers combine a wood-smoked authentic taste with high-tech controls and gauges. They use wood pellets as fuel but also require electricity to run. Some benefits include the ability to get them started with the push of a button and the relatively clean smoke they produce.
According to CNET, the Traeger Timberline 850 and Weber SmokeFire EX6 produce very good results. The Traeger has more features, but the SmokeFire costs considerably less. Both of these high-end choices retail for well over $1,000. Some manufacturers offer smaller and less-sophisticated pellet smokers for about $200.

Does Your BBQ Smoker Grill Need an Extended Warranty?

Today’s BBQ smokers can give backyard chefs the chance to cook with precision and produce tasty results. However, high-quality smokers can cost hundreds of dollars. When consumers consider an investment like that, they don’t always include the possibility of expensive repair bills.
Common issues that may require help from a professional repair service include low temperatures, hot or cold spots, leaks, and even escaping flames. For fast repairs, low costs, and outstanding service, customers can purchase an Upsie extended warranty for grills and smokers.
Upsie’s warranty plans include protection from:
  • Mechanical failures
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Early wear
  • Heating and cooling issues
Upsie customers also benefit from low plan prices and 24-7 claims support. In addition, if repairs don’t make sense on the first claim, Upsie will even replace the smoker. Warranty plans start at just $26.99 for a two-year warranty on a smoker grill that costs $250.
Savor a summer full of sunshine and the delicious aroma of backyard smoking without the risk of a broken smoker. Enjoy peace of mind from an Upsie warranty.

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