FAQs for Fall Leaf Blower Maintenance

Leaf blowers are handy tools that speed up your fall leaf cleaning. They can also easily clear out areas that a rake cannot reach. Your back will thank you when you can walk upright using a leaf blower rather than staying hunched over while raking. Check out these FAQs for leaf blower maintenance so your machine runs smoothly for years.

How do you maintain a leaf blower

Leaf blower maintenance regimens are different for battery versus gas powered varieties. For gas leaf blowers, be sure to empty out all of the gas and oil at the end of the season so the carburetor stays clean. It’s also a good idea to change the spark plugs at that time rather than waiting until they fail. Lastly, clean the air filter on a weekly basis or before each use.
Electric leaf blowers require significantly less maintenance. It’s important to always keep the fan, vent, air filter and bag (if it has one) clean. Also make sure that the battery is charged. Before use, always check that the power cord of plug-in models is intact and no splits or tears are present.

How long should a leaf blower last?

If a leaf blower is properly maintained, it should last for several years.

What is the most reliable leaf blower?

According to Wirecutter, the best leaf blower is the Toro PowerJet F700, if you’re looking for a corded model. If cordless is your preference, the Ego LB5804 Power+ 580 CFM Blower is a great option. It is powerful and can run for a full thirty minutes between charges.

Is a battery or gas leaf blower better?

One is not necessarily better than the other; it is based on your personal preference. The pros of a gas leaf blowers are that they are more powerful and faster at clearing leaves. However, they are louder and heavier than their electric counterparts. Aside from being lighter and quieter, electric leaf blowers also require much less maintenance. Unfortunately, cordless versions have a limited battery life and corded versions must stay within reach of an outlet.

Are battery powered leaf blowers any good?

Yes, battery powered leaf blowers are perfect for single family home owners. They are lighter, smaller and require significantly less maintenance than gas leaf blowers. It will take a bit longer to clear leaves because they are not as powerful as gas leaf blowers, but that is a small trade off for the convenience they bring.

Who makes the best battery operated leaf blower?

A fantastic battery operated leaf blower is the EGO Power+ 480 CFM Blower. This blower has three speeds and a turbo boost to help move larger debris. It boasts that it can even exceed the performance of a gas blower.

Should I purchase an extended warranty for a leaf blower?

If you would like to purchase a leaf blower extended warranty, your best option is Upsie. They offer two and three year plans for very affordable prices. Leaf blower plans never have a deductible or service fee, either. When you call Upsie to make a claim, a real person will answer on the first call and process your claim quickly. If your leaf blower was purchased for under $500, they will simply replace it.

What is covered under an extended warranty plan for a leaf blower?

Upsie leaf blower protection plans cover everything that the leaf blower manufacturer warranty covers. This typically includes mechanical failure, cooling issues and power failures. Refer to your leaf blower user manual for specific coverage.

What if my leaf blower can’t be fixed?

Is your leaf blower broken beyond repair? Upsie will replace it; it’s as easy as that! Alternatively, if you already made a claim on your leaf blower warranty plan, Upsie will send you a check for the plan protection value minus the cost of the previous claim. For example, if your leaf blower cost $599, and your first claim cost $199, you will receive a check for $400.
It’s important to note that not all neighborhoods allow leaf blowers due to noise restrictions. Check with your local representative to confirm that you can use a leaf blower and what type. Lastly, don’t forget to use these leaf blower maintenance tips so your leaf blower lasts as long as possible.

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