Tackle Home Projects With Lowe’s FLEX Power Tools

With spring underway and summer around the corner, you probably have your heart set on buying new tools to make your home improvement and yard projects go smoothly. If you’re a contractor or trade professional, you might feel like it’s time to make some upgrades to keep your projects on track and your clients happy. In any case, you might need to add a new power tool or two to your kit to ensure you’re ready for anything that comes up.
Whether you’re filling in your power tool gaps or replacing some pieces that have lost their edge, the Lowe’s FLEX Power Tool lineup is one you definitely need to explore. And, like any other hardware investment, it’s important to do your research to find an extended outdoor and tool warranty that keeps your motor running for this season and several after.

What Are Lowe’s FLEX Power Tools?

According to the Family HandyMan, Lowe’s FLEX Power Tools is a line of power tools that relies on a new and exclusive 24-volt lithium-ion battery platform called Flex. The power possibilities are what has everyone in the industry buzzing about this exciting new release. Lowe’s claims that the line offers home users and contractors up to 20% more power and 50% faster charging. When you have big projects on the horizon, especially as a trade professional, those are crucial factors to consider.
Released in April 2021, you might have some questions about this line and whether these tools stand up to their reputation.

What Makes the FLEX Line So Special?

The Flex line is a cutting-edge cordless dynamo among power tool platforms, offering fast charging and long-lasting batteries, which are two essential factors general contractors continually seek in their professional equipment. The line’s kickoff happened in April 2021, with Lowe’s releasing the first batch, but you can expect to see more tools added to the roster over the next several years.

What Are the First Tools in the FLEX Lineup Up for Release?

Since Lowe’s is planning a multi-year rollout for this innovative line, you might wonder what you can find for the first round to see if they’re something you’d like to add to your tool kit. Let’s take a look at a few of the FLEX products you can find with this batch.
  • FLEX 1/2-inch Two-Speed Drill Driver: Described as the FLEX platform’s most powerful drill, the Flex 1/2-inch can produce immense power at 1,400 inch-pounds of torque. What’s more, you can kick it into “turbo mode” to get the drill spinning at up to 2,500 RPM. The FLEX team kicked it up a notch with anti-kickback technology that allows for smoother operation.
  • FLEX 1/4-inch Quick Eject Impact Driver: This machine is all about performance, delivering unprecedented torque, speed, and power. With quick eject capabilities, you can more easily change your bits with one hand without missing a beat. FLEX built in three different speeds and threw in self-tapping screw modes to ensure more control when fastening screws.
  • FLEX Reciprocating Saw with Quick Eject: Another quick eject project means you get even more control and safety with this saw, thanks to the keyless blade ejection capability that keeps you from having to touch hot blades while making a quick and sudden change. The final FLEX product coming out this round offers you premium power and performance. For instance, you’ll be able to cut up to 50 4x4x on one charge. Finally, the FLEX team also added vibration suppression, meaning you’ll experience up to 40% less vibration to help you maintain maximum control.

Should You Get an Extended Warranty for Your FLEX Tools?

Like any power tools you might buy, you should definitely invest in an extended warranty for your new investment, whether to care for your home or support your professional trade by maintaining your tools. Fortunately, you’ll find a warranty powerful enough to protect any or all of the FLEX tools you buy for this first round of releases. Explore the Upsie menu of warranty and insurance plans to keep your essential power tools protected. With Upsie, you never need to worry about keeping yourself and your family or clients happy.
Contact the Upsie customer service team to learn more about all the extended tool and outdoor equipment warranties that they offer to help you keep your tools in great working condition for the long term.

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