5 Things to Know Before Buying Your Next Phone

Not much is better than unboxing your new phone. It’s shiny, fingerprint free and peeling off the protective plastic is oh so satisfying. But selecting a new phone is a lot more complicated than it was eight to ten years ago. Every model seems to come with a few different variations, and a special release a few months later is also common. These 5 things to know before buying your next phone will help you select the best smartphone for you.

1. Phone Screen Repair Costs

Did you know that over 60% of people drop their phone at least once per week? While smartphones claim to be more durable that ever, the popularity of phone repair shops tells a different story. A standard iPhone screen repair costs anywhere from $170-$329. If the LCD or digitizer layer is damaged, it can cost as much as $599! Samsung repair prices are about the same. If you look at prices, you can see that older models cost less to repair. So, if you don’t need the features from the brand new models, selecting last year’s model may be a smart move.

How does a phone warranty affect these costs?

A phone warranty can save you hundreds of dollars. We say can because all phone warranty, or phone insurance, plans are not created equal. For example, you can get insurance through carriers, manufacturers, retailers and third parties. The most affordable option with the best service is from Upsie. Upsie’s warranty plans cost up to 70% less for the same or similar coverage and 24/7/365 claims. In most cases, Upsie can get your screen repaired the same day. Better yet, if you have an iPhone, you can request to get it repaired at the Genius Bar.

2. Is it compatible with your phone carrier?

When researching online, make sure that the phone is compatible with your carrier before you get your heart set on it. You would think that every carrier has every phone, but that is simply not the case. Special releases and initial releases may only be offered through a specific carrier to make it seem exclusive.

Are warranties from cell phone carriers worth it?

Insurance from cell phone carriers can cost as much as $17 per month with a deductible as high as $299. That’s a grand total of $408 for two years of protection. There are better options, like Upsie phone insurance. Upsie’s plan for an iPhone 11, for example, costs only $115.99 for two full years of coverage with a $49 deductible for repairs and a $99 deductible for replacements. That’s a huge savings!

3. What is the best camera phone?

It seems like everyone wants a new phone for the camera(s). Determining the best camera depends greatly on personal preference; some phones take brighter pictures while others saturate the colors more. According to Tom’s Guide, the current best camera phone is the iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max followed closely by the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. Check out comparison photos and videos to see what one you like best.

Do you need a fancy phone camera?

Most people do not need a fancy phone camera. The only reason you would need the best, highest resolution camera is if you intend to print pictures larger than an 8X10 from your phone. To make pictures really great, learn how to properly compose your photos.

4. Android phones and iPhone comparison

It’s the age old phone question: do you have an Android or iPhone? Most people stick to one operating system, and Apple users are notoriously loyal to their brand. If you’ve stuck with Apple, check out some Android phones and visa versa. You might find that you like the functionality of an iPhone or the personalization options on an Android phone.

5. Where will you get your phone insurance?

Upsie offers comprehensive insurance plans for any cell phone purchased in the USA. Phones can be repaired at Upsie’s certified repair shop, or at a trusted shop near you. They strive to process claims quickly so you can get your device repaired the same day, in most cases. Don’t hesitate to contact them with any questions you have.
Best of luck buying your next phone. Whatever one you end up with, hopefully these five tips helped you make the best decision.

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