Is the Apple Store the Best Place to Buy Apple Products?

Longtime Apple aficionados probably know what the best purchasing venue is. However, if you are new to buying these products, or want to switch up your buying strategy, it’s important to ask the right questions to make sure you get the service and product you need without confusion or stress.
Many new Apple buyers wonder if the Apple Store is the best place to get started. Let’s take some time to learn the answer to this question and others, such as the best extended smartphone warranty that you can buy to protect your Apple products.

The Apple Store Experience

Over the last decade, you probably saw news reports of Apple product releases where the lines ran around the block. People used to camp out for a day or more to make sure they didn’t miss out on the first run of a new item.
These days you don’t have to line up outside. But is the Apple store still the best place to buy a new Apple product? Let’s review the good and bad of visiting an Apple Store versus ordering products through a third-party seller.

A First-Hand Account of Working In an Apple Resale Store Versus an Official Apple Store

In 2015, Peter Cohen of iMore shared his account of working in an Apple Resale Store. He shared the tale of informing customers, who took the time and effort to visit the store, that the Apple Watch had sold out. Cohen found that customers took the chance on his resale location because they didn’t want to visit an official Apple Store. Whether the customers had visited for a Genius Bar appointment or to buy a product, they had no desire to return.
One primary reason for this resistance to visiting Apple Stores is based on location. The company is picky about where it places its stores, limiting venues within a certain region. So, in some cases, loyal customers have to travel an hour or more to buy their products or visit a Genius Bar.
If you live close to an Apple Store, or don’t mind the long drive, you might encounter crowded stores and long lines. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for a sales associate, only to discover they can’t help you once it’s your turn in the queue.

Many People Love the Apple Store Experience Despite Its Issues

Many people are impervious to long lines and sold-out products after a long drive. They live for the experience of walking into an Apple Store to see the clean lines and smart, influential and affluent people enjoying the high-end experience.
The fact is these people are probably not getting the best service or deal for their travel time and hard-earned money.

It’s Often More Expensive to Buy Your Apple Products at the Apple Store

Ultimately, visiting the Apple Store is an exercise in spending more money, whether on gas for your car or the price of the product itself. Unless you don’t mind the expense, there are much better ways to buy your Apple favorites.

Visit An Alternative Store In Your Area

Visiting a non-Apple-specific store in your area might offer you a more convenient experience, as far as the distance from your home and fewer long lines. Unless you’re trying to buy a new product on the first day of its release, you shouldn’t encounter long lines and chaotic environments. In many cases, you can find top Apple products at reduced prices in big box stores like Best Buy, Costco, and Target. It’s tough to resist a great deal on your favorite products, even if you have to give up your ideal shopping experience.

The Apple Online Store Experience

Unless you want to touch your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad physically before purchase, you might not need to visit a brick-and-mortar Apple Store again. If you have a large denomination gift card burning a hole in your pocket, or you want to support Apple directly, visit the Apple online store to avoid long lines and use any gift cards or codes at checkout.
Using this shopping venue, you’ll find everything you need that is available from Apple without all the hassle.

Remember to Buy an Extended Warranty for Your Apple Product

Another matter you can’t thoroughly explore and discuss at a busy Apple Store surrounds the extended warranty policies and what one can do for you. When you take this matter into your own hands, you empower yourself to find the best deal to protect your expensive Apple Product and your budget.
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