Apple Watch Comparison and the Best Apple Watch Warranty

If you’re interested in buying a new smartwatch, you can always check in with Apple. As Bree Fowler at Consumer Reports notes, “Apple Watches aren’t cheap, but they have a lot to offer.” And while the author might have meant the specifications within each model, you can also apply the thought to the number of watches Apple releases regularly. In 2021, Apple has already offered the Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch SE, or Apple Watch 3.
While you might have heard of this bundle of Apple Watches, you might need more information before deciding what to buy and how to protect it with the best smartwatch warranty.

The Top 3 Apple Watch Releases At-a-Glance

Is there a definitive answer to which Apple Watch is the best? The answer to the question relies heavily on what you want in your smartwatch. Examples include recording fitness sessions, as a convenience-oriented extension of your iPhone, or as something to use in emergencies, notes Tom’s Guide. Each model can do those things and more, but as in any case, especially where a company offers multiple options, some do some functions better than others.
Let’s explore this Apple Watch comparison to help you select the best option for you.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple touts the Series 6—its flagship line—as their most advanced watch yet. It features a blood oxygen sensor and accompanying app, an ECG app, and an Always-On Retina display.
Perhaps the ultimate fitness watch, here are some vital features to think about:
  • The blood-oxygen sensor lets you see how effectively your body circulates oxygen during your workouts and when you sleep.
  • Excellent for step-counting and heart rate tracking.
  • The cost for the GPS option is $399 and $499 for GPS and cellular.
  • It is swim-proof and water-resistant to 50 meters for fitness swimmers and frequent post-workout show sessions.
When investing in this smartwatch, you can personally design your Apple Series 6 on the company’s website. You can choose specifications like the finish and band that best suits your style.

Apple Watch SE

Some industry pros consider the Apple Watch SE a great watch for first-time Apple Watch and smartwatch buyers. This attractive smartwatch offers many similar features as the Series 6.
However, Apple removed some pricier features to ensure it’s available to a broad audience. Here are some features you will find with the Apple Watch SE:
  • The same larger display size as Series 6
  • Fall detection
  • Compass
  • Huge app library
  • Always-on altimeter
  • Heart rate monitor
  • GPS
  • Optional LTE
  • 18-hour battery life
  • Swim-proof
  • 16GB for music storage and more
  • $279 for GPS-only and $329 for GPS and cellular
The primary differences between the Series 6 and SE are the cost, the Series 6’s brighter display, always-on option, and ECG monitor. If those features aren’t crucial to your workouts or life, you might save the $120 and choose the Apple Watch SE.

Apple Series 3

At $199, you might expect this smartwatch to be more basic. But sometimes, that’s all you need. The Series 3 offers GPS-only core fitness, health, and connectivity features for your workouts and daily fitness monitoring. If you don’t need intensive monitoring, you can save some money and enjoy learning the basics about your health and well-being. You can also input as much on your own as you’re learning through feedback.

What Is the Best Warranty for Your Apple Watch Investment?

Apple offers the standard one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty to cover mechanical issues, but what do you do after that? What about accidents? Apple does offer its own insurance for its products, but is it reliable? Does it cover accidents? If you plan to go all out and use your Apple Watch for intense workouts, anything can happen, and you need your watch to stand up to whatever you put it through.
If you don’t buy the AppleCare+ product to protect your smartwatch immediately, Apple will ask you to take extra steps for coverage, such as bringing it into an Apple Store to undergo diagnostics. Once you sign up, you’ll need to find and visit your local Apple Store to receive care. It isn’t a terrible option, but you can do better and enjoy more convenience and peace of mind.
An Upsie smartwatch extended warranty offers the ultimate experience in convenience, care, and affordability. The cost is low, and the process is simple. You’ll find several service options that don’t leave you running in circles trying to schedule repair or replacement – with prepaid mail-in, certified local, or even Genius Bar repairs.
If you are planning to buy an Apple Watch, contact the Upsie customer service team to learn which warranty is right for you.

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