ASUS ZenFone 7 Finally Lands Crucial Software Update

Six months ago, ASUS launched its Series 7 ZenFone range to much fanfare. However, despite promising an extraordinary smartphone ownership experience, the ZenFone 7, and its near-identical 7 Pro twin, have since struggled with a number of nagging issues.
Both software and hardware difficulties have held the Taiwanese electronics giant's flagship smartphone series back, at least to a degree. This week, though, there's some good news for ZenFone 7 owners. That's because the ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro alike are finally getting Android 11.
The initial unveiling of Android 11 actually predates the launch of the two latest ASUS ZenFone models by several weeks. Despite this, the series shipped with Android 10 – something that users have been stuck with ever since.
Their older ZenFone 6 siblings, including the ZenFone 6 Edition 30, received the update around the world back in January. Yet, the series 7 range remained left out in the cold, until now, that is.

Android 11 Rollout Finally Begins for ZenFone 7

Three months into 2021 and half a year into the flagship smartphone range's life, good news has finally surfaced from ASUS HQ for ZenFone 7 owners.
With March rapidly drawing to a close, users in Taiwan have, at last, been invited to install Android 11 on their devices. Many Taiwanese ZenFone 7 and 7 Pro owners have now received the update. This, of course, bodes well for international users. A global rollout is now expected to take place sooner rather than later.
The update enjoys all of the new functionality packed into Android 11 by Google, albeit six months later than many would've liked. Thankfully, the blow of this delay is softened somewhat by the addition of a variety of improvements to the handsets' built-in, ASUS-designed apps.
It's hoped that, between a new operating system and refreshed native apps, many of the software-based issues reported by ZenFone 7 and 7 Pro owners will now be put to bed.

What Else Has Been an Issue with the ZenFone 7?

Further to frustrations surrounding Android versions and issues with built-in apps, ZenFone 7 buyers have also highlighted other concerns.
One of the most widely reported problems involves the ASUS smartphone flagship's flip-up camera. Borrowed from the outgoing ZenFone 6 where it made its debut, teething problems have persisted with its replacement. Of course, no amount of software tweaking can address a fundamental hardware issue. So, what are the options?
For peace of mind, many buyers of the ZenFone 7 range have sought to safeguard against camera, power, battery, touchscreen, and other failures—plus drops and accidental damage—by purchasing an appropriate smartphone warranty.
Upsie offers its customers all of this and more, including coverage for used and refurbished smartphones. Coverage includes accident protection, coverage for Bluetooth, headphone jack, wifi, and audio failures; local repairs at certified facilities; and unlimited 24/7 claims up to the value of a device. The same is true whether an owner has opted for the ZenFone 7 or 7 Pro.
On which note, the ZenFone 7 and 7 Pro are largely indistinguishable. A difference is respective storage capacities of 128GB and 256GB, slightly different chipsets, and a lack of optical image stabilization on the non-pro model. Each boasts an uninterrupted display, long-lasting battery, and rapid refresh rates.
Although, as CNET reports, being gadget-packed, significantly higher in price than their predecessors, and lacking water-resistant properties, there's plenty that can go wrong. The technology and consumer news and reviews website's senior editor, Sareena Dayaram, is also quick to question the long-term functionality of the prominent ZenFone flip-up camera feature.
"I worry the constant emerging and re-emerging of the camera unit may make it prone to more wear and tear," says Sareena in her ZenFone 7 review first posted last September. As already established, it's something that's since gone on to ring true based on customer feedback thus far.
Not being water-resistant appears to be a sticking point for CNET's senior editor, too, according to her in-depth review of the flagship ASUS line-up.
Another relief for Upsie customers, then, is that camera failures, accidental liquid spills and submersion in water are all covered by the smartphone warranty. Great news, in particular, for ASUS ZenFone 7 series owners.

Double Down on the Best ZenFone 7 Ownership Experience

With Android 11 right around the corner for all ZenFone 7 owners, doubling down on an extended smartphone warranty looks like a better decision than ever. Upsie has the best smartphone subscription warranty for the ZenFone 7.
Safeguarding against all of the above potential pitfalls, the benefits of Upsie's subscription warranties also include:
  • Lower costs than offered by so-called big-box retailers
  • Highly competitive deductibles
  • Low cost of just $9.99 per month
As both handsets romp toward their first birthdays later this year, ZenFone 7 users are also now reporting potential issues with overheating. Overheating appears to be particularly apparent when performing demanding tasks.
It remains to be seen if the upgrade to Android 11 will address this. Either way, it's further reason to lock in the continued protection and added peace of mind of an extended warranty for any ZenFone 7 model.

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