Here Are the Best iPhone 12 Cases for Your Smartphone

Are you looking for the best case for your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro? There are thousands of options out there, but which ones are truly worth buying?
Upsie has rounded up six of the best iPhone 12 cases for a variety of uses and scenarios. Check these out and see if one of them fits your needs!

Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe: Best for MagSafe

Apple’s own cases haven’t always been the best choice. They tend to be priced higher than the competition without adding much in terms of functionality. But that all changed this year when Apple introduced MagSafe - its innovative new wireless charging system.
Apple’s own cases are the best way to use MagSafe. Yes, some third-party case makers like Belkin have come through with MagSafe-compatible alternatives at lower prices. But none of these have the “it just works” quality that Apple has achieved.
Apple’s leather cases are nice, but the silicone cases are cheaper and come in a wider range of color choices.

Case-Mate Tough Wallet Folio: Best Tough/Wallet Case Hybrid

Narrowing down the many iPhone 12 cases often comes down to which type of functionality you want to add. You can go slim and light or thick and tough, or you can get a phone case that doubles as a wallet.
It’s rare to find a case that combines some of these attributes well, but that’s what the Case-Mate Tough Wallet Folio does. This case is equal parts phone case and wallet folio, giving you the best of both worlds. You don’t have to worry about your phone getting damaged by tumbles and drops, and you can keep cards, ID, and cash stored with your phone.
The tradeoff, of course, is that this is a pretty bulky case. But, chances are, if you’re looking for a tough case, you’re already expecting that.

Incipio Coach Leather Slim: Best Luxury Leather Case

There’s just something about the feel of holding onto natural leather. It gives a sense of luxury the other materials can’t match, and the patina that you gain over time will look even better in a year or two.
Incipio has partnered with luxury goods maker Coach to release a nice luxury leather iPhone case with some very slim dimensions. There’s Coach branding here, too, so all your friends will see your elevated tastes on display.
As a bonus, despite the luxury branding, this case comes in cheaper than Apple’s own leather case.

Peel: Best Ultrathin Case

On the other end of the spectrum, some people prefer phone cases to be as minimalistic as possible: no branding to get in the way of that Apple aesthetic, and no added bulk whatsoever.
If that sounds like you, cases from Peel are a very attractive option. Peel makes some of the thinnest, most minimalist cases on the market today. Most are translucent, allowing the color of your iPhone to shine through, along with that Apple logo.
Of course, choosing the thinnest case on the market does mean you’re giving up some measure of protection. There isn’t much of a lip on this case to protect your phone screen, and especially hard impacts to the back surface could penetrate the case and damage the phone.
But, if you invest in a smartphone warranty and only use the case to protect from scratches, Peel cases look fantastic.

OtterBox Defender: Classic Ultra-Rugged Case Design

If you need the ultimate in phone protection, there are two old-school brands competing for your attention. OtterBox and LifeProof have the corner on the market of truly rugged, nearly impervious smartphone cases. OtterBox’s Defender case isn’t very attractive, but it gets the job done even in the harshest environments. This case is available in a wide range of color combinations.
For those who need superb protection more than aesthetics, the OtterBox Defender series is a great choice.

Smartish GripMunk: Best Thin Grippy Case

One of the biggest reasons why people put their phones in cases in the first place it’s because phones are easy to drop. So why are many phone cases even more slippery than the phone itself?
Case maker Smartish wondered the same thing and addressed the problem in their latest iteration with the GripMunk. It’s a case that’s equal parts slim, protective and very grippy. Like many slim cases, the grip monk features clear pocketed corners and a slight lip to protect the screen. But the biggest innovation here is the insane amount of grip along the sides of the phone.
This case is genuinely easy to hold, making it a top overall recommendation for the best iPhone 12 cases.

Protection Is More Than a Case. Get an Upsie Extended Warranty, Too

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