Compare Google Pixel 5 Versus Pixel 6 Smartphones

Google officially released its latest Pixel 6 phones recently, and they both offer notable upgrades over last year's Pixel 5. Anybody who bought another smartphone and is suffering buyer's remorse or FOMO might check out Google's trade-in program.
The trade-in program sends a trade-in kit, people mail back their old phone, and Google offers a credit for the purchase. Even better, Google says that they will recycle old phones, so this effort supports sustainability.
Besides their Pixel phones, Google even accepts Apple, Samsung, LG, and Motorola smartphones. In addition to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google also allows trade-in credits for the Pixel 5 5G.

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Prices

Scan this list for the starting prices of current Pixel phones:
  • Right now, Google still sells the 5G Google Pixel 5 for $449, so they have reduced the price since its introduction last year. Other retailers may offer deeper discounts.
  • The Google Pixel 6 starts at $599, $100 less than the Google Pixel 5 started retailing for during its introductory phase.
  • The Pixel 6 Pro starts at $899. Even that price still makes it relatively affordable compared to other flagship phones, like the Samsung Galaxy 21 Plus.

Significant Differences Between Pixel 5 and Pixel 6

Browse this breakdown of major improvements included with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro over the Pixel 5:

Cameras and Lenses

Google's Pixel cameras earned a reputation for their decent smartphone cameras. With this upgrade, the enlarged lenses need to rest inside a raised bar on the phone's rear. The camera's platform includes a 50MP sensor for the wide-angle lens and a 12MP primary camera. The Pixel 6 Pro also comes with a 48MP telephoto camera. In contrast, the Pixel 5 shipped with a 16MP ultrawide and a 12.2MP primary camera.


Google surprised the market by developing an in-house custom chip called the Tensor. According to CNET, Google says this new chip improves performance for the CPU by 80 percent and the GPU by 370 percent over the Pixel 5's Snapdragon 765G. Google also mentioned that this new chip would let them include better AI features with the phones.

Charging and Battery Life

Sadly, Google omitted chargers from the smartphone's boxes. They both support 30 Watt wired charging from USB-C cables, and the Pixel 6 Pro can also handle wireless charging. Either way, they should charge faster than the Pixel 5, and the Pixel 5 does not support wireless charging at all. Google also increased the battery size somewhat, so hopefully, that upgrade and the more efficient processor should improve battery life over last year's phone.

How to Upgrade the Warranty on a Pixel Phone

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