Compare the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Versus Z Fold2

When Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy Fold3 earlier in 2021, they offered some positive news for consumers interested in foldable phones. The Fold2 debuted at $1,999, and even with improvements, Samsung released the Fold2 for $200 less.
Another obstacle to the increased adoption of these versatile devices includes durability concerns. Samsung leads the market for foldable phone sales right now, so price reductions offer a good sign for people who want to own this technology but don't want to pay such a high premium over the cost of other high-end smartphones. Besides the lower price, find out how Samsung offers more value with the Fold3 over Fold2.

Compare the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Versus the Fold2

According to Tom's Guide, both phones look similar. Still, Samsung made many changes to the design and materials to provide the Fold3 with a more durable body and screens. Some examples of these improvements to improve Fold3's durability include:
  • Water resistance but not dust resistance
  • Armor Aluminum body
  • Gorilla Glass exterior screen and a PET layer on the inner screen
Users might also appreciate slightly better resolution and more brightness on the outer screen. Also, both screens include 120Hz refresh rates. The Fold2's exterior screen only achieved 60Hz.
For performance, Samsung upgraded the Fold3 to a Snapdragon 888 chipset from the Fold2's Snapdragon 865. Users might also appreciate S Pen and S Pen Pro support, though the Fold3 does not include one of these accessories in the box. Samsung also changed the interior camera from a punch-hole to under the display, so it's not visible when not in use.
Samsung reduced the battery slightly from 4,500mAh to 4,400mAh. Both models support fast charging.

Ready to Upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Foldable Phone?

The Galaxy Z Fold smartphones fold out to offer features and screen sizes comparable to tablets. These devices can also fold into a compact form that's easy to store and carry around, like a typical phone.
The high price might deter some customers, but Samsung's trade-in program offers fairly generous credits to customers who want to trade their eligible device for a new one. This program may also encourage other people to invest in a new Samsung smartphone because they can trade it in for a newer model later. Samsung accepts phones in excellent working condition for full trade-in value. They also offer a lower credit for phones that work but suffer some screen damage.

Why Samsung Fold 3 Smartphones Need Extended Warranties

Samsung invested in the durability of the Z Fold3 smartphones much more than the Z Fold2. These foldable phones combine the versatility of tablet computers with the compact portability of smartphones. As such, you can potentially use one device in situations when you would normally have two.
Still, plenty of consumers will hesitate before spending several hundred dollars on such new technology. An Upsie subscription warranty for foldable smartphones will relieve worries about accidental damage or wear because they are covered under the Upsie warranty. In addition, Upsie's plans increase the device's lifespan and ensure it's in good shape to qualify for a future trade-in program.
Upsie charges just $9.99 per month with robust protection against accidents, wear, and defects. Plus, Upsie has 24-7 claims to help customers expedite local or mail-in repairs. More people would probably switch to foldable phones if they cost less, but an Upsie warranty can help ensure that foldable phone buyers get the most value from their investment.

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