Is it Time to Buy a Foldable Smartphone Yet?

Foldable phones bring something new to the smartphone market. However, when is the right time to buy a foldable smartphone? This article dives into everything you need to know about foldable phones on the market and new foldable smartphone rumors.

Is a Foldable Smartphone the Same as a Flip Phone?

Many people still picture a flip phone when they hear about foldable phones. In the early 2000s, many consumers chose the clamshell-style of phone over any other type. Compared to alternatives, people liked the ability to close the cover to protect the screen and keyboard. Folding the phone also made the phone smaller and more portable.
Still, the emergence of new iPhones and Androids introduced larger screens and more apps. These features took most of the market share away from such classic flip phones like Motorola's RAZR and LG's VX-6000. A few companies still make flip phones, but they generally come with basic features and low prices.
In contrast, today's generation of foldable phones often occupies the high end of the market. For a foldable phone, expect tablet-sized screens that fold vertically along one side and not horizontally down the middle. They're bigger than flip phones and heavier than ordinary flat phones. But, on the other hand, they offer very large displays.

Top Foldable Phones on the Market in 2021

Take a look at two popular foldable phones on the market today.
  • TechRadar called the Galaxy Z Fold 2 the best value for a foldable phone. They recommend it due to its edge-to-edge screen, impressive resolution and 7.6-inch unfolded display. It also has a smaller external screen for use when folded.
  • Prices start at about $1,200 and can spike up to $1,800. Also, most current apps can't use the full screen, and the display will drain the 4,500mAh battery quickly.
  • The Huawei Mate X is a durable and well-designed device. It only comes with an external screen. Users can enjoy an eight-inch display unfolded or a smaller display when folded.
  • On the downside, the phone lacks Google services and apps. That means users will miss out on updates and popular mobile applications such as Google Maps. Additionally, this phone is rather expensive at $2,750.

Are Any Foldable Phones Worth a Wait?

Why doesn't everybody rush out to buy a foldable phone? Possibly, some people want to see if upcoming products will offer improvements in design or price. As one example, Samsung has the Z Fold 3 waiting in the wings.
According to Tom's guide, some rumors suggest that Samsung will release the new model for a similar price as the Z Fold 2. On the other hand, Samsung mentioned their efforts to mainstream and enhance the competitiveness of foldable phones in a recent quarterly report. That suggests they have plans to make them more affordable in the future.
Other leaks have indicated a water-resistant case, which will make the new foldables somewhat more durable. Look for more information and a possible market release in the fall.

Protecting Your Foldable Smartphone

The idea of having a phone with a display as large as a tablet's screen makes foldable phones tempting. However, on the other hand, most of them are expensive. Of course, the large display would make purchasing a tablet unnecessary, so the double-duty device could offer great value.
Still, some critics have questioned the durability of current foldable phones. The hinges that open and close the case and large external displays can make them vulnerable and costly to repair. As a result, consumers should consider carefully whether to buy a foldable now or wait to compare newer models in a few months.
Buyers should protect their foldable phones with a smartphone warranty. Upsie offers the best subscription warranties for foldable and non-foldable smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy Fold series. In addition, Upsie offers protection to non-foldable devices such as the iPhone XR or the Google Pixel 5.
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