Five Steps Customers Should Take After Buying a New Phone

With mobile devices being such a necessity in the lives of many, it’s a big deal when someone buys a new one. There’s nothing like the feeling of taking a new phone out of the box for the first time. However, there are some steps every person should take once they’re done marveling at their new accessory. That’s why Upsie decided to highlight some important things everyone should do after buying a new phone - including making sure the device is fully protected by an Upsie phone insurance plan.

1. Make Sure Everything Functions Properly

The first thing buyers should do after buying a new phone is power up their phone. Make sure everything looks and works as expected, especially on Android phones. Additionally, watch for things like display issues or problems manipulating the volume buttons. If any of these features malfunction out of the box, it’s likely the device has manufacturing issues that will require repairs.
It’s possible the manufacturer warranty that comes with the phone may cover the problems. However, you should always have an Upsie phone extended warranty protecting you from any unexpected repair charges for your new phone.

2. Enable Security Features

Most people rely on their phones to send sensitive information for things like banking transactions or online shopping. It’s essential that buyers take advantage of any built-in security features that come with the phone. So don’t skip out on setting up any biometric features, PINs, or pattern security locks that keeps essential user data away from hackers.
Apple iPhone lovers should set up the Find My iPhone feature that enables GPS to locate a lost or stolen phone. It allows you to track down the phone’s current location and provide that info to the police if necessary. Many Android phones also come with a similar option. Enabling the feature from the start could be a real difference-maker if someone accidentally misplaces their phone.

3. Disable Any Unnecessary Bloatware

Many Android smartphones come with a lot of software that people will never use. They take up a lot of space and will eventually slow down device performance. Disabling these features typically allows users to maximize their phone capabilities.
Most bloatware can be disabled on an Android by navigating to Settings and looking up the applications that came preloaded on a smartphone. Uninstall anything that seems unnecessary and just takes up space on the device. Also, disable any apps that cannot be completely uninstalled, including any notifications.

4. Set Up Essential Applications

After getting rid of any unnecessary apps, buyers should make sure they set up those they will rely on frequently. Apple iPhone users should set up an Apple ID if they’re interested in purchasing music and other media from the App Store or iTunes. Another essential step for iPhone users is setting up iCloud. With iCloud, they can manage phone features in one place and have a way to easily sync and recover data across Apple devices.
Android users can sync up with Google and other accounts to help personalize their phone experience. Doing so allows users to get notifications when they receive an email or have upcoming appointments on their calendar.

5. Purchase an Extended Warranty Immediately After Buying A New Phone

No one expects to end up needing phone repairs right after buying a new phone. Buying an Upsie smartphone extended warranty ensures that the unexpected doesn’t end up taking a huge chunk out of a buyer’s wallet. One of the nice things about Upsie mobile phone insurance is you can purchase the warranty for new, used, and old phones as long as the phone is in good working condition. Because Upsie's smartphone warranties are subscription-based, you can have protection for up to 5 years. In addition, you can cancel at any time with no fees or penalties. Upsie protects from:
  • Screen damaged from an accidental drop
  • Any problems arising from accidental liquid spill or submersion
  • Battery failures
  • Issues with the power, including internal shorts
  • Unresponsive or unusable touch screens
  • Camera or Wifi failures
Upsie even allows customers to choose from local certified repair facilities or to send their device in for repairs. While the Upsie repair teams are top-notch, the company also covers any repairs done to an iPhone at a local Genius Bar. For more information about Upsie smartphone insurance, call (877) 844-7745 or contact Upsie via Twitter or Facebook with any questions.

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