How to Transfer Data to a New Android Phone

Are you ready to upgrade to a new Android phone? If so, the biggest challenge will probably involve choosing which one to buy. These days, most users will find it easy to transfer data and apps from their old phone to a new one. Take just a few minutes to learn how quickly most people can set up a new Android phone.

How to Transfer Data From an Old Android Phone to a New Android Phone

Google support offers very simple guidelines for transferring important data and apps from an old phone. To get started, make sure both phones have an adequate charge. Next, unlock the old phone with its PIN or password and sign into Google on the old phone. After that, navigate to the old phone's setting and then tap System > Backup. If the phone hasn't already been backed up, follow the directions on the screen to complete that step.
After that, follow the directions that correspond to the situation:
  • Copy From an Old Android Phone: The new phone should display a Start option. After that, users can choose to "backup from an Android phone" to complete the process via a cable or wirelessly.
  • Copy From an iPhone: Start also offers an option to copy data from an iPhone, and to the user it looks a lot like the same process as copying from an Android device.
What if the old phone was stolen or lost? This problem illustrates the prudence of keeping phones backed up and not just backing them up before the switch to a new phone. With an existing backup, simply choose the option to restore the phone from Google Cloud.
If users simply need to copy some of the files or have problems with the steps above, they can try copying data manually too. Mostly, this involves manually copying files to Google Cloud and then importing them to the new phone.

What's the Best New Android Phone?

With the assurance that transferring important files from one phone to another should not present much of a challenge, maybe it's time to shop for a new Android. Upsie posted short reviews of some of the best Android phones in 2021.
These top choices include:
With the exception of the Google Pixel 4A, most of these phones represent the higher end of the market. The Pixel 4A sits in the mid-priced range. According to Wired Magazine, it also represents the best overall choice for an affordable phone. Find the Google Pixel 4A for about $350. For budgets lower than $300, consider the Samsung A32 5G.

Protect New Android Phones

After taking the trouble to choose and set up a new Android, prudent phone owners will want to ensure they can enjoy their phones for a long time. Meanwhile, phones only come with limited warranties that mostly focus on fixing defects and only last a short time. After this protection ends, or for damages it excludes, unlucky phone owners will have to pay for repairs or replacements out of pocket.
An Upsie subscription warranty for Android phones will repair problems caused by:
  • Drops
  • Liquid damage
  • Uncovered defects
  • Component, screen and power failures
  • Connectivity issues
Even better, Upsie customers enjoy access to 24-7 claims and their choice of local or mailed-in repair services. If customers choose the mail option, Upsie even provides postage for two-day mail both ways. All this comes with a low deductible at a price that's lower than other well-known warranty companies.
Take the time to pick the right Android phone. Then ensure it's set up perfectly. After that, it only takes a few minutes to buy and register an Upsie extended smartphone warranty.

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