Compare the flagship iPhone 12 Pro Vs. Galaxy S21 Plus

The latest battle for high-end dominance features the iPhone 12 Pro vs the Galaxy S21 Plus. At least for now, the race appears very close. However, phone buyers tend to demonstrate a lot of brand loyalty so it's likely that even the most discerning user will tend to gravitate towards the operating system they're most used to.
Still, CNET thought that Samsung might even have beaten Apple this time. At least, the Galaxy S21 Plus fairs well enough in a comparison between it and the iPhone 12 Pro. It will likely maintain the loyalty of Android users and even perhaps catch the interest of some iPhone owners.

How Do the iPhone 12 Pro vs Galaxy S21 Plus Compare?

Both of these phones perform well by almost all measures; however, some aspects of each phone exceed the other one. For instance:
  • Screen size and resolution: The Galaxy 21 Plus has a larger screen. At the same time, the iPhone 12 Pro offers superior resolution.
  • Dimensions: The iPhone is longer, not as wide, and slightly thinner. It also weighs less. The Galaxy Plus is wider, not so long, and weighs over an ounce more.
  • Camera: The Galaxy S21 Plus comes with a 64-megapixel telephoto lens. In contrast, the iPhone has a slightly better front-facing lens. For a serious camera upgrade, consider the Galaxy S21 Ultra.
Of course, both phones provide many of the same or very similar features. For example, they both come with 5G connectivity and wireless charging. Apple uses facial identification, and Samsung can use a thumbprint for security. For the same storage of 128GB, they charge competitive prices as well. So again, most people will probably choose to upgrade to the kind of operating system or brand they already have.

Why Are the Benefits of iPhone and Galaxy Extended Warranties?

Both of these flagship phones cost close to $1,000. Many people depend upon their phones for a lot more than making phone calls. Smart phones provide access to the internet, social circles, and even work. Today's phones have good still and video cameras. People who use their phones a lot will probably be very satisfied with either one of these high-quality and feature-rich phones.
The Wall Street Journal said that recently people tended to hang onto phones longer than they used to, possibly due to increased costs for the latest tech. Because of this, people have paid more attention to how they care for and protect their devices. They've also grown more focused on getting repairs before replacements.
At the same time, the way people use their phones as mobile devices can make them more vulnerable than other kinds of electronics to damage. The average time before replacements has increased to about three years. Meanwhile, the limited warranties that come with smartphones typically only last for a year and will also exclude accidental damage including water damage and drops.

What is the Best Extended Warranty for Samsung and Apple Phones?

This earlier article outlined many reasons to buy an Upsie subscription phone warranty. For instance, Upsie:
  • Almost always offers a lower warranty price than its competitors
  • Provides mail-in and local services, including the Genius Bar for iPhones
  • Has claims reps standing by 24 hours a day and seven days a week
  • Covers accidental damage, including damage from spills or drops
  • Phone replacements when repairs aren't feasible
Upsie doesn't force people to buy a warranty at the time they purchase a phone. Instead, customers can purchase a plan at any time for new, used, or old phones. Learn more about Upsie's clear pricing and coverage, then get started with the best protection plans for Samsung and iPhone devices.

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