Is the Mint Mobile Warranty Worth It?

Smartphone lovers have tons of choices when it comes to wireless carriers. One new option on the block is Mint Mobile, owned by famed actor Ryan Reynolds. Let’s check out Mint Mobile and determine if their warranty is worth it.

What is Mint Mobile?

Mint Mobile is a wireless carrier with the goal of making wireless service affordable for everyone. Its owner and spokesperson, Ryan Reynolds, is also a Mint Mobile customer.
The company aims to disrupt the wireless market by offering customers cheap fees, no extra charges, no contracts, and no-nonsense. They offer deals like six months of free service when you buy a phone and switch carriers to them. Their most affordable plan is $15/month, but you can choose higher data plans from 4GB up to unlimited. All plans include unlimited talk and text and 4G LTE or 5G (where available), and free calls to Mexico and Canada.
The Mint Mobile network piggybacks on the T-Mobile towers, so everywhere T-Mobile works, Mint Mobile does as well. You can also bring your own device if it is compatible. You can check compatibility and coverage right from the company’s website.

Why Do You Need a Mint Mobile Warranty?

Along with fantastically inexpensive phone plans, Mint Mobile also carries the latest and greatest smartphones that you can purchase along with your plan. They have Apple, Samsung, Google, and OnePlus phones. Although they don’t have a huge selection, there is surely something for everyone.
If you have a cell phone, you probably use it all the time. However, more use means there is added opportunity to drop it, crack the screen, and get it wet. If you have kids, the danger doubles. It’s virtually impossible to keep a cell phone pristine as we take them to work, home, visit the beach, and cart them around everywhere else. Accidents happen, and phones break.
The unfortunate part is that when you buy a smartphone, it comes with a very limited warranty, meaning it usually lasts only a year and covers manufacturing defects but not accidental damage or breakage after the warranty term. Then you are left paying for expensive repairs and parts and labor.

The Mint Mobile Warranty

Unfortunately, Mint Mobile’s warranty is just like other wireless carriers. For new devices, it lasts a year. For refurbished phones, it lasts only 60 days! It also has a labor-intensive return process for repairs and a bunch of “conditions” that list. Here’s what Mint Mobile’s terms and conditions say:
  • Your warranty only covers defects in materials or workmanship. It does not cover defects arising from damage or normal wear-and-tear or aging.
  • The warranty covers issues such as: software-related issues, camera defects, unresponsive keys, dead pixels, etc.
  • The warranty does not cover issues like: diminishing battery life, scratches, accidental damages, coverage issues, or software incompatibility/problems with 3rd-party apps.
  • Attempting to ‘root’ or otherwise ‘mod’ your phone will void its warranty.
  • Visible physical damage to your phone (e.g. liquid damage, cracked LCD, damaged housing) will void its warranty.
If you fail to return the charger, battery, USB cable, or other parts with the defective device, you will be charged for them. The warranty has a lot of other legalese, which makes it pretty clear that the company isn’t interested in fixing phones. Although Mint Mobile offers a great affordable carrier service, the Mint Mobile warranty offers little in terms of smartphone protection. But there is a better warranty option, Upsie!

Check out Upsie’s Smartphone Warranty

Upsie offers the best Smartphone Subscription Warranties and loves helping customers fix their phones fast. Upsie charges less than the other extended warranty companies. In addition, Upsie has an industry-low deductible of just $0 for cracked screen repairs.
Upsie’s claims department is open 24/7. As a result, you can file a claim at any time of day to make sure you get your repair as soon as possible.
You also can choose to send in your phone with Upsie’s free two-day shipping or visit a local certified repair shop. You can even go to the Genius Bar if you use Apple iPhones. If they can’t fix it, Upsie will replace it on the first claim.
Protect your valuable smartphone against things like cracks, drops, spills, electrical or mechanical issues, power failure, and more! With an Upsie warranty, your smartphone is covered, and you can rest assured that when it breaks, you can get it fixed fast.

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