What’s Unique About the Mid-Priced Moto G100 Smartphone?

A few months ago, Upsie’s blog highlighted the Moto G20. It’s a budget phone with a better-than-expected camera, battery, and display. In comparison to the Moto G20, Motorola also offers the Moto G100 as a mid-priced phone with surprisingly premium features and an odd quirk that some people may view as a benefit or a drawback. Find out more about the Moto G100 to see if it’s a good alternative to such similarly priced phones as the Pixel 4a 5G.

What’s Different About the Moto G100 Smartphone?

Motorola bundles the Moto G100 with its proprietary ReadyFor cable and stand. That bundling put off at least one TechRadar reviewer, who said he’d like the phone more if he wasn’t forced to pay for the extra hardware and service.
On the other hand, the service should appeal to some people. The peripherals allow users to connect the phone to a PC to access ReadyFor, a multitasking app. Some examples of ReadyFor’s capabilities include:
  • Stream phone video on a TV or monitor
  • Access phone files with a PC
  • Connect the phone to a Bluetooth monitor, keyboard, and mouse to use the smartphone as a compact computer
Although these features can be unique and beneficial, some users might not care for them, especially if they increase the phone’s price. For instance, some Moto G100 owners may not even use a PC or their phone to operate like one. Besides the required inclusion of ReadyFor, the TechRadar reviewer considered the phone one of the best values in its price range.

Why Consider Buying the G100 Smartphone?

CNET says that most people could easily mistake the G100 for a top-line phone because of its performance and screen.
For instance:
  • The 6.7-inch FHD screen compares favorably with Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Plus, even though S21 Plus costs about twice as much as the G100.
  • The Snapdragon 870 chip and 8 GB of RAM offer unexpected performance in a phone at this price. For about the same price as the G100, the Pixel 4a 5G comes with a Snapdragon 765 chip and 6 GB of RAM.
  • Originally listed for $599, shoppers should have no trouble finding it on sale for $499. If the inclusion of ReadyFor adds to the cost, the phone still appears competitively priced.

Possible Moto G100 Drawbacks

The larger-than-average 5,000 mAh battery appears generous. Still, the phone charges rather slowly with its 20W charger. Using the large display in Full HD also consumes the charge in a few hours. In general, reviewers found the phone’s cameras serviceable but not incredible, like the Pixel 4a 5G.
Most people should feel satisfied with the value that the Moto G100 offers for its price. That’s particularly true if they use ReadyFor to extend the functionality of their smartphone. In addition, the high-performing chip, large screen, and HD display should also attract consumers. In that way, shoppers might compare the Moto G100 to the G20 because both phones appear to offer surprisingly good value for the price.

Extended Warranty Protection for the G100

Even if the Moto G100 only costs about half as much as many top-line phones from such brands as Samsung and Apple, it still requires an investment of several hundred dollars. Buyers should protect their investment by purchasing an extended warranty.
An extended warranty from Upsie assures smartphone buyers that they can access prompt repairs and won’t get hit with unexpected bills. Meanwhile, Moto G100 owners have up to 60 days after purchasing a phone to buy a Moto G100 extended warranty online from Upsie.
This competitively priced protection plan covers damage caused by such accidents as spills and drops. It also protects the phone against power, component, and connectivity failures, and gives customers the choice of local or mail-in service, plus access to 24-7 claims service by phone or online.
There are a wide variety of smartphone options available to consumers. To make the best decision, individuals should spend time researching to find the best choice for their own unique budget and preferences. Adding an Upsie warranty for protection should be one of the easiest decisions.

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